I had some left over orange cream cheese frosting from the cake I made on Friday and decided to use it this morning on some cinnamon rolls.

I had a can of croissants in the fridge (I can hear some of you gasp, canned croissants although not as good as a fresh French bakery croissant, are still delicious!) and knew they would be the perfect bread base for my rolls.

This was my own version of “Semi-Homemade” cooking. I melted some butter, brushed the croissants with it, sprinkled over a mixture of sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon and a dash of allspice.

Next I rolled them up, but in the opposite direction, so the small point of the triangle was on the inside. When I got to the end, I tucked one of the larger ends up under the bottom and then gently mashed the other side down on my board to form a more traditional cinnamon roll shape.

I baked them till they were done, let them cool slightly and then slathered them with the frosting. Alongside a nice cup of coffee, this was the perfect way to start our Sunday morning.

Hope you are having a nice Sunday morning, wherever you may be today!