I grew up watching “The Goonies” and somewhere far away, over an ocean and on a small island, Mr. Michie grew up watching this movie too!

What could be better than a Spielberg movie from the 80’s? A great cast? Pirates? A treasure hunt? Cyndi Lauper singing the theme tune?

It is one of our favorites and we both felt, it was the perfect movie to watch on our screen. So, we had a carpet picnic. Mr. Michie made dinner, I took care of the popcorn and the movie and we just vegged out.

It was a fun night, it has been awhile since we had a carpet picnic and we always love doing it, it reminds me of being little, my mom would do this for my sister and I on rainy Summer days, it always made your house feel more exciting, like you were going on a mini adventure!

Mr. Michie, popcorn, a quilt on the floor and “The Goonies” on the “big screen” all equals a great date night!