Today marks the end of the Jubilee celebration. We went in to central London on Saturday to do a little sight-seeing and catch the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern. It started out rainy, but turned into a deliciously sunny day before the rain came back in the evening.

The Flying Scotsman came along with us, though we didn’t get to take as many pictures of him as he wanted, because my gorgeous union jack shoes from one of my very favorite shoe stores, busted open a healing blister on my heel, that is now the size of Texas.

So, that led to a lot of limping, almost some tears and a trip to TopShop for a pair of flip-flops courtesy of Mr. Michie.

After that we headed to The Diner for dinner and a beer and spent a good bit of the evening in there, eating, drinking, dancing and chatting. The 80’s tunes were just pumping Saturday night, so that made for a wonderful atmosphere.

We did manage to take a few pictures of the day and here they are:

my wonderful union jack shoes

a new ring from Mr. Michie for our anniversary, isn’t it just FUN!

the flying scotsman in my local Cath Kidston, they just redecorated and it was really cute

the window at Emma Bridgewater, so festive!

one of the butterfly “stained glass” images at the Damien Hirst show

the flying scotsman near the bridge on the south bank (he’s a little fuzzy, he was so excited, he just wouldn’t stand still)

a sparkly union jack on carnaby street

the flying scotsman catching the bus home