“It is a wise child that knows its own father, and an unusual one that unreservedly approves of him.” ~ Mark Twain

I know my father, more than that I unreservedly approve of him. He is wise beyond his years, his thoughts are measured, his words are carefully chosen, he doesn’t speak to simply hear himself. He has led me and guided me, he has listened openly and faithfully and non-judgmentally as my own thoughts and ideas pour out.

He masterfully takes the wheat from the chaff, holding on to what is worth keeping, while wisely letting the others blow away. All of these things attest to his character as a man and a person and as the kind of person that I want to be.

But, more than that, he has a tender heart, he is kind and kindness is so ingrained in his being, that being around him, makes you want to be a better person. It makes you hold your head higher, to make this man as proud of you as he could be. I am lucky, my father is proud of me, he loves me, he tells me, he is not a man to keep those things to himself. I know it, I never have to question it.

As I get older, as I move into another realm of my life, I hope that I grow more and more into being this man. To gain his wisdom, his integrity, his patience and his unquestionable kindness. If I have gained even one ounce of it from him, it will be enough.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you!

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