I have never been someone who gets up and needs to have their morning cup of coffee. I enjoy coffee, but I am more of a tea drinker, just black and I don’t mind drinking it when it goes cold.

But, lately, I have become someone who really likes coffee in the morning. I love it more when I am at home at my parent’s or sister’s house, since you can get all kinds of delicious flavored creamers, but living here some sugar and milk will do, and occassionally I get a flavored syrup.

Mr. Michie is a coffee drinker. He takes his beans very seriously and likes his coffee just a certain way, almost down to a science. I love when he makes coffee, because there is something about the smell permeating the house and overwhelming your senses.

This has been a very long week at school, with a few late nights and our major Summer Art Show last night. Today was a day that I really needed coffee and unfortunately the lady working in our local coffee shop this morning was not the lady we needed to be there on her own.

She is extremely nice, helpful and always smiling, but she is also extremely slow and this morning when we walked in and saw the line 5 people deep, we knew there would be no way to get coffee and get the bus in time.

I walked out, slightly deflated, knowing that in order to survive this day, I would need a cup of coffee. I have survived the day, but only by sheer will-power.

I think tomorrow will have to be a coffee morning as I need to get it flowing back through my system. Nothing like a Saturday morning stroll with Mr. Michie to the coffee shop, if we get there in time they will just be pulling the baked goods out of the oven. Aah, heaven!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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