Spring Cleaning

I have spent the past two days doing some major “Spring” cleaning in the house. The jobs I have been doing are the unseen jobs. The jobs that only I will know I have done (and Mr. Michie, of course).

I spent all of Monday gutting our bedroom. That is they only way to describe it: “gutting”. I reorganized all of my drawers, went through the closets, set up a bag for clothes that I would donate and clothes that would become part of a quilt and clothes that are too sad to do either of the before mentioned with, so they went to clothes heaven.

Today, I have reorganized my pantry, so now you can actually walk into it and not have to climb over things or tie a rope around your waist, so someone will be able to pull you out if you need to be rescued.

I also and this was a major task for me, went through all of my old magazines. I decided what I would hold on to and what I would bring to school to recycle. I have to say, I hear my old Martha Stewart’s calling out to me from the bag by the door, (“Jennifer, can you hear me?”, sung to the tune from Yentl)but I am strong, I have lived with them in a basket for ages and paid no attention to them, so, as Martha would say: “its a good thing”.

I will admit and I have admitted this before, I do love to clean, it is satisfying. But, this type of deep cleaning is not only physically exhausting, but a bit mentally exhausting too.

Once you get in a groove, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of is easy, you just have to find that groove. I did and now I have a pretty bare closet and an empty drawer in my cupboard.

There is a few new things I need, like a few new shirts. I seem to go through them all to easily at work. I come home with paint, ink, a tiny hole where I have caught it on the edge of something, that over time becomes a series of holes. My clothes take a beating, but you can’t expect anything else when you work in an Art Department.

I am taking a break tomorrow from cleaning and will finish up a few little left over things this week. The main purpose for cleaning the pantry was so that I could access all of my craft supplies again and not have to fight to get to them, because I have a few projects up my sleeve for this break. They are for someone else and not for me, but I still might give you a little sneak peek here and there, so stay tuned…