Moo-Ving into March…

We are Moo-Ving right in to March. What happened to February? This year is already going by so quickly, it is starting to blend together like Bert’s sidewalk paintings did in Mary Poppins once they got wet.

I am ready to just have a moment to be able to catch my breath. One day soon, it will happen, I am sure of it!

(Image by the wonderful Mary Blair)

One thought on “Moo-Ving into March…

  1. the REAL girl

    I don’t know what’s happening either!!!! My goodness; I have so many things on my ‘to do’ list and time MARCH-es on!! So….I’m still taking knitting classes but I’ve got my eye on a seed catalog and no ‘real’ garden to plant any in….

    Yes, I’m sure I’ll catch my breath as well….then, we’ll talk!! xo

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