I have had this film sitting in my Instapaper “box” for about two weeks now and as I was catching up with reading through everything yesterday, I finally watched this film.

I was extremely touched by this story. It is beautifully shot. I appreciated their desire to preserve something old and this passion for preserving interlaced with his background in Architecture has turned into a career in conserving minkas. What a blessing to be able to do something that you truly love!

These two men’s lives have been intertwined within this house and with this house. Their memories join all the others that have occurred under that roof and that have been ingrained in the wood during the lifetime of this minka.

This is a story about passion, about preserving our past to preserve our future and most importantly a story about love and the people we encounter that make our world all the better for knowing them, for our journey would not have been the same without them, that road might never have been taken.