This has been a long week! This has been a long Winter term at school! It feels as if we haven’t yet had a chance to just stop and catch our breaths. And I know it just isn’t me, everyone I speak to feels like this.

I had dinner with a friend last week and she said she felt as if Christmas was so long ago, but in reality it really wasn’t. But so much seems to have happened between now and then. So much seems to be going on constantly in our lives and the world around and that is LIFE, I am fully aware of that, but I am ready to just sit still for a little while and be.

Snow is coming and I am hoping for a few quiet days to just listen to the silence. I was catching up with my Google Reader tonight and I saw this post at Breakfast at Toast, it was called “A little something to get us through the day”¬†and it made me smile.

Yes, somehow seeing this picture just made me smile! I really liked this Superbowl Ad, I made Mr. Michie watch it twice with me, he just smiled as I hit “play” for the second time, he told me he didn’t know why I enjoyed it so much, he looks just like that in his boxers and I just smiled back right back at him…