The Quiet

The weekend has come to a close and I am up working on a project for school. The Holiday is on TV and Mr. Michie is softly snoring away upstairs. My Christmas lights are still twinkling at me, casting a warm glow around the cottage and I am surrounded by quiet. I am happy.

I love this time of night, this time when the world seems just yours to hold. My own magic hour, when I seem to think best. I always understood Jo March, from Little Women, when she felt that her head had such clarity at this time of night to write her novels, I have quite often had some of my best stories pour out of me at this time, or my best work flow through me.

This is my calm before the storm of this school week, a chance to get prepared for what this week will bring. So Good Night to you all as I savor my last little bit of my magic hour before I turn off the lights and tiptoe upstairs to bed, for the beginning of the day will come all to soon.