The January Clean-up

I have no image for today. I have been under-the-weather this weekend and it has carried through into the week.

I did a little blog “cleaning” over the weekend, there is still a few more things to do. I took away my Christmas designs and went back to the usual “Jenny Wren” look. I have done a little of that in the cottage as well. Things were organized and straightened, a few things put back in order, but still things to be done, it will get done in time.

I celebrated Epiphany on Friday night with a Christmas movie and a cheese pizza, surrounded by the glow of my Christmas lights. They are still up, I can hear you gasp, but I can’t bear to take them down yet, it is too dark outside still, I need the coziness inside.

We went into Marylebone on Sunday as Mr. Michie wanted to get me out of the house for a bit and one particular street we wandered down was littered with Christmas trees, all lined up against their coal black railings to be taken away by the bin men.

It made me sad to see. Christmas is over! The seasons change and so with it, do we. I will get around to taking my ornaments down, I have a few paper whites to plant that will bring a little sunshine to the cottage, but that along with my Christmas lights, will just have to wait for the weekend…