I have to say, living in England I find it hard at times to not automatically jump straight into Christmas, once Halloween is over, since they of course do not celebrate Thanksgiving. You’ll be happy to know, I do restrain myself, but I still let a few Christmas albums slip in under the wire and I listen to them as I do things about the house. We ate Thanksgiving dinner while the Charlie Brown Christmas album softly played in the background.

A new album that I can’t seem to get enough of, is one Mr. Michie bought me. It is Mindy Gledhill’s Christmas album, entitled “Winter Moon”. It is just a delight to listen to. Her voice beautifully floating out some of my favorite Christmas carols, as well as a new song she wrote the same title as the album. That song, “Winter Moon”, has become a favorite! I find myself humming it a lot lately as I work in the cupboard. It is just so happy, so upbeat, who doesn’t want to have a stolen kiss in their living room, under the winter moon?

It is like getting to listen to wintry music without it being overly Christmassy. But, now that Thanksgiving is over, we will be in full Christmas mode, we will even put a Christmas CD into the alarm clock to wake up to, crazy, I know! But, I wake up so much happier with Dean Martin filling the morning silence with “It’s a Marshmallow World”.

The final song on the album is “Winter Moon” replayed, but sung this time with the help of some friends. She has just released the video for it and I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy!