We had so much fun on Saturday, going up to an area of London we don’t usually go to. We wandered through Spitalfields Market on our way to the Truman Brewery and we stumbled upon a great lomography store.

So, now when I get this camera I have had my eye on for awhile, I have a place that I can easily get film from and have them develop it too! Mr. Michie’s big excitement of the day was finding a place called S&M. Now, I know what you are thinking but it was a restaurant that served “Sausage & Mash”, hence the name.

So we had a homey lunch of lovely sausage and mash after shopping at the Fair. We also spied some fantastic street art and some very pretty houses. It was lovely to just spend a whole Saturday with each other without a care in the world, we had no one to answer to but each other!