Guilty Pleasures

Summer is a time to indulge in guilty pleasures. Be it eating dessert every day while on vacation, or going back for that second helping even though you wouldn’t normally, or sleeping in till noon…

Last Summer in the heat wave, when we could barely bring ourselves to get off the couch to get more ice water/sweet tea we started discussing old movies we watched when we were little. Some of these movies were true guilty pleasure movies, because they are so bad they are good!

There always seemed to be a slew of B-movies on, when I came home late at night from babysitting in the Summer and no matter how bad they were, I just couldn’t look away, I would watch them as I unwound from the night. Mr. Michie, an ocean away would also stay up late to watch “bad” movies when he was growing up. We kicked some titles back and forth and decided to get a few and watch them to share our teenager memories with each other.

Mr. Michie decided we should make a tradition of this and got the ball rolling this week by showing me: Fright Night. Now, this is a big thing for me, when he suggested this, as I don’t watch horror movies, I can take the old cheesey scary movies, but I don’t watch real horror, it just doesn’t do it for me. Lucky for me this was just a cheesey scary movie!

We sat in the dark, eating popcorn and watching this movie. The 80’s music was just to die for. It was too good. Chris Sarandon as a vampire? I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw it, how could Prince Humperdinck be a vampire?

In looking the movie up we discovered that it had been remade and was coming out this fall. That seems to be a running theme for us, in that after I showed Mr. Michie the original Piranha film last year, we found out they were remaking it, of course we went, 3D glasses and all and had a whale (or should I say Piranha) of a time!

Mr. Michie also showed me Highlander last Summer. I don’t know how I could have missed out on this one? Scotsmen, Queen singing the theme music, Sean Connery! There can be only ONE! What is there not to like?

I thought that I would compile a list of some of our guilty pleasure movies (some aren’t guilty pleasures at all, in the sense that they aren’t bad, they are just movies that one of us was shocked to hear the other hadn’t seen). What are your memorable movies, the ones you love because they are so bad that they are good? Here is some of ours:

1. Critters
2. Piranha
3. The Monster Squad
4. Fright Night
5. Tremors
6. Mr. Boogedy (an old disney favorite of mine, though it used to scare my sister and I to death!)
7. The Canterville Ghost (the good one, with John Gielgud)
8. Return to Oz
9. The Last Starfighter
10. Highlander