As we neared the end of the school year this Summer, I decided to start putting together our Summer list. Just a few things that we wanted to do over the the coming weeks. We have each added in our own little things to the list as time has gone on and I decided to share a few snippets of it with you. Do you create a Summer list in your house?

1. Go to the Vintage Hemingway Fair in Southbank
2. See the Glamour of the Gods Exhibition
3. Start a crochet project-working on a scarf (✓ I have started working on it)
4. Watch The Goonies on a hot Summer night and eat lots of popcorn
5. Go to the BP Portrait Awards
6. Take a walk through the woods
7. Have plenty of picnics
8. Go to the movies to see Super 8
9. Pick a new cookie recipe out of the Betty Crocker Cooky Book to make
10. Read The Help (the first book on my Summer Reading List, it is by my bedside)

11. Lay in the sunshine and soak in its goodness
12. Take lots of pictures of our adventures

(Image: of Grace Kelly)