Mr. Michie and I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when we do, it tends to be American TV shows. One of our favourites is: Castle. Nathan Fillion is very easy on the eyes and being a fan of detective shows, I enjoy watching this one. It has all the key crime show points, that make it perfect for both of us to view: the mystery, the drama, the humour, the romantic tension between Castle and Beckett…

Watching this show, a few weeks ago, brought to our attention, something that I had no idea existed on the scale that it does. After they wrap up a hard case, Beckett offers to buy Castle a hot chocolate and some macaroni and cheese from the “Food Truck”. This sparked our interests, what was the “Food Truck”. Thus, began an internet research session, that uncovered a culture we were not aware of.

When I was in College there were more food “stands” than trucks. The usual ice-cream stalls for the tourists and a great hot dog guy near the Museum I worked at, but that was it. In England, the most you get is a guy selling kebabs or possibly fish and chips. This is a social event that I am truly missing out on. It is more than your usual hot dog and pretzel vendors, it is, in some cases, gourmet food on wheels.

By the time we were done researching we were left starving. Like, when you watch “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” at 11pm at night and you know 5 minutes into it, that it was a mistake, because you are now desiring everything that Guy is munching away on.

Out of all the food trucks we discovered in our mini research session my favourite was: Buttermilk. Maybe, it is because I am a girl from the South, but anything that has buttermilk in it, just has to be good! By the time I was done looking at their website, I headed to bed very hungry and dreaming of Hawaiian Bread Cinnamon French Toast Sticks. MMMM!

Besides the delicious looking menu, who wouldn’t want to eat out of a truck that has such an adorable little face on the side? Klippy the Buttermilk Boy is a cutie and I love his back story! Do you have any amazing food trucks in your neck of the woods?

Check out the Buttermilk Truck here.