When you have Lemons…

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade as the embroidery sampler in my Mom’s kitchen says! This has been a week, where I just haven’t stopped and I am not going to get the chance to either! I have had a lot of lemons this week and I am making as much lemonade as I can! I might need to set up a stall outside of my house to sell it all.

I have guest coming this weekend, a house that needs to be cleaned, a brunch to prepare for tomorrow and I need to get myself in the mood to entertain. Which normally is not my usual take on things. My parent’s are fabulous entertainers, they have created a home where you always feel “Welcome”, and they have given that gift to myself and my sister. But, this week has been so hectic and next will be as well with Art exams that I am not really in the mood for company. But, I know I will enjoy it when it is all happening.

I was flipping through my cookbooks, trying to find the perfect Spring time dessert for tomorrow and when nothing jumped out at me, I turned to a tried and trusted source: The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen Blog. And, it was here that I immediately spotted what I wanted to make. A scrumptious Buttermilk Blueberry & Lemon Cake that looks like it holds the essence of Spring inside it. So, after everything else is done, this is going into the oven tonight, because I have a bowl full of lemons and you know what they say….