Spring is in the Air

It is still bitterly cold here at times. As I came home from work last night and proceeded to open the door to come inside, I noticed that my fresh pot of sunshine yellow primroses already had a few ice crystals on their little blossom faces.

There is still the chance of snow, even though green is popping up here and there. My climbing rose has fresh growth as does the jasmine that I am training over the porch cover of the cottage. There are daffodils and crocuses in full bloom in front of a number of houses that I pass in the big red bus on my way to school.

The color of Spring is beginning to be all around us and that makes me smile. There is a promise of warmth and the growth of sunny flowers on the way. While catching up on my blog reading last night, I read a post of Spring Time happiness over at The Purl Bee. I know there is still the chance of snow, very likely more frost and it could be the same for you wherever you live. But, with these bright and happy projects, you can bring the Spring indoors to YOU. Enjoy!

(Click on the images above to be taken to the projects)