Berries & Cherries

I’m in love! And what am I in love with other than my adorable red-head you ask? I am in love with Bonne Maman’s Berries & Cherries Conserves.  When we went grocery shopping last week, they were out of the usual strawberry and apricot and raspberry jams that I keep in, but there was a jar of this sitting on the shelf; and anything topped with red gingham ought to be good! Right?

Well, it was better than good, it was downright delicious! I can’t stop putting it on things; toast, bagels, blueberry muffins, my fingers…This will add a new dimension to my turnovers. I cheat when I am in a real rush and want to make turnovers for dessert.

I use my left over puff pastry and instead of making a fruit mixture to put in them, I put jam in the middle instead. They always come out deliciously tasty with the right amount of jam that has always oozed out a little, making one corner a crunchy sugar encrusted sticky jam bite!

I usually make a quick runny icing mixture and just do a little drizzle on top. I am afraid to make my turnovers with this jam though, I might not be able to stop eating them….