B.I. or, “Before the Internet”.  Our internet has been affected this past week due to a flood in the Paddington area.  I got on-line Wednesday evening to work on a post for Thursday and no internet, so after much button pushing, hemming & hawing, praying and stamping my feet I realized it was all to no avail.

So we have been living a life of “Before Internet”, we have become Fred & Wilma without the giant pearl necklace and water buffalo hat! It has been quite amusing. You don’t realize how much you rely on it, or at least I do, when I need to convert a recipe or research an idea that has popped into my head! But, we are back on-line and going strong!

To Debs, I don’t know who you are, but thank you for your two comments, I loved your foxy information and hearing about “Sausage” and thank you as well for sharing the Blog info with me. I have two things I have been dying to post (sad I know) and I want to get caught up reading all of my pals because I have missed what you have to say! So I am going to do that right now, hang tight, there is more too come!