Today is Pancake Tuesday in England. It wasn’t until I moved here that I celebrated Shrove Tuesday with Pancakes! So this morning we turned these lovely strawberries into this wonderful breakfast! Yuumm!!

I can’t believe that Lent is already upon us! Where has this year gone so far? We are already two months into it and I still feel that Christmas was not that long ago. In my household we not only thought of something to give up but my parents also incorporated something to add on.

So each year we would add on things, like help out at the Soup Kitchen, volunteer for Meals on Wheels during our Easter Break… I have always liked this idea of adding on “good” things during this season and using it as a way to help others, instead of being depressed about what you might have given up. It is something that I now continue in my own home.

So, today we are working on our list of ideas for things we want to do to help others during the Lenten Season. Even if it is just something as simple as a friendly smile and a “Good Morning” (people don’t do that a lot in England and coming from the South where everyone speaks to each other, I find it strange). What can you do to help someone else?