Brrr! I write my first post of the New Year in the twinkling glow of Christmas lights with a hot chocolate by my side to try and warm up.

We just arrived home this morning from visiting my family for the Holidays in the States.  We made it home just before Christmas in a blizzard and left in one as well! The weather is freezing here in England too, but sadly no snow!  So it looks like school is going to start back tomorrow! Poo! Where has the time gone, it seems like only yesterday we left, with the crunch of snow underfoot as our cab took us to the airport to go home?

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful, peaceful and magical filled Holiday season! Its not over yet, we still have Epiphany! My Mom always left her decorations up for “Little Christmas”, and somehow I always convinced her (wink! wink!) that if she kept them up a little longer it would help me do better on my exams if I could just see the happy glow of a Christmas light while I studied.

She always did! What a good Mom! I have a hard time taking mine down after January 6th and since I am always sad to have to say “Goodbye” to my family until the next time we say “Hello”, I think my decorations might be staying up a little bit longer too….

(Image by Belle & Boo)