Is Gnomebody at home?

Oh, my gnome obsession has once again come to light!  While looking at some felt on the Magic Cabin website, I came across this little elfin door; adorably decorated for Christmas! This was just too cute to believe! I want this little door, I want to put it on a little tree trunk or place it next to my front door, like the Red Shoes Shop has done (see 27/9/08 post).

All gnomes and elves need a happy jolly entrance (or at least mine do) and who wouldn’t want to come and visit if they got to be invited in through a little door that looks like that?  I am sure this is a Christmas door that would make the Borrowers proud!

I can just see them inside, drinking a spiced winter tea out of acorn cups next to a crackling little fire in cozy plaid arm chairs…

There is even a door for Summer, I love the little window boxes!