Yesterday, I finished baking all my gingerbread wreaths. Now they will just have to be varnished and have gingham ribbon strung through their little adjoining arms. With my leftover dough, I cut out little ornaments, to attach to my “Christmas Packaging” for the Fair. Presentation is everything, it makes even the smallest item look lovely.

I also organized my ribbons yesterday to make it easier to cut for my garlands. One of the places that I purchase ribbon has no rolling system, so they bundle up your items that you have spent ages pondering over and oohing and aahing, with one swoop and dump them unceremoniously in a bag. I don’t like being in the middle of a project and then having to stop to untangle knots in my ribbon.

In telling this story to my Mom, she asked if I had any toilet paper rolls in my recycling bag? After replying with a yes, she told me to use that to wrap my ribbon on. What a fantastic idea! Sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees. So, into my recycle bag I dove and came out with a paper towel roll.

Like a kindergartner I happily sat on my couch yesterday with the scent of baking cinnamony Christmas dough in the air and the crooning voice of Ella Fitzgerald, inviting me out for a sleigh ride and wrapped ribbon around my newfound holder. I love being organized (in my small cottage you have to be) and a great way to make use of something I was going to throw out, it just makes me happy.

(My treasured ribbon next to my sewing house that my adorable husband gave me for Christmas one year, he is such a cutie!)