We couldn’t help ourselves, still ooohing and ahhing over Saturday night’s dinner, we did it again and this time it was even better than before, if that is possible? My husband pan fried the bread to perfection!

We dove in as soon as they were ready and with olive oil and tomato juices running down our chins we toasted the last pink light of sunset.

Darkness is coming more quickly now, no more natural light till 9pm, soon it will be hot chocolate, hats & scarfs, and cozy candles lit everywhere weather. Autumn is here.

The pumpkins are out at the market and yesterday while picking up more tomato salad supplies, I spied a gorgeous fat pumpkin with a perfect squat little stem. As I walked by he just so happened to leap into my arms and come home with me. He is now adorning my hearth. My first Fall treasure.