What is it that is so fascinating about a miniature world? A little place that makes you wish, like Mary Poppins you could jump into the chalk drawing and peek inside. I love Cath Kidston and today as I opened my e-mail, cup of tea in hand, I smiled as I saw a newsletter waiting from her.

In it are the details for her latest competition; to design a miniature garden. I scrolled down to see a vintage looking bowl filled with tiny “trees”, a tin foil pond with moss gently rolling down the hillside. Geese meandered around bunches of flowers, while a girl, red apron tied to her waist, stood not far away. You could imagine her dipping into her apron pocket to scatter grain for them. I was entranced like a child, I wanted to step inside and walk around this enchanting petite world.

It is these little things that don’t let me forget my inner child, something that is too important to let go of. In a world where things can often become too serious, these are the moments that take you back, make you smile. Suddenly, you can be 5 again, with the wind whistling in your hair as you pump your legs faster and faster; because you know if you get just a little higher, you will be able to reach up and touch the tree branch hanging over your swing.

Please note this image is copyright to Cath Kidston, London.