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Autumnal Equinox

Jennifer Michie Hydrangea

Today we celebrate the first day of Fall. It felt as if we were quickly being ushered in this morning. The air was crisp, the dew looked almost frosted. As I walked to work, leaves twirled down around me from their lofty branches to softly land on the street, forming little crunchy pools of decay.

Summer fought her way back this afternoon as the sun was blazing and it was decidedly warm. But, the evening is cooling off, there’s a bite to the air. I think we’re moving into sweater weather.

Party of Two

Party of Two

It has just been the two of us this weekend. We’ve cleaned the house, re-organized cupboards, went grocery shopping, watched movies, cooked, ate dinner by candlelight, worked, read and just hung out.

This weekend has had a nice easy pace to it, which is always refreshing after a week of going, going, going. This coming week brings with it early morning starts and more late school nights.

It also brings with it, slightly warmer weather, but I’m ready for Fall. I think I’m wishing it here with my cooking. Last week we made a buttermilk pumpkin cake with a vanilla cream cheese glaze as a thank you gift for a kind neighbour, the house smelled spicy and exotic.

Today, we’ve got a pork tenderloin with sauerkraut and apples slowly bubbling away, one of my Nana’s recipes that I just adore. Maybe with all this Fall cooking, the weather will truly turn!

Here’s to the weekend, long may it last!

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Jennifer Michie Fox Bowl

I’m sitting at my kitchen table tonight, getting together my ideas and finalising my game plan for a class I will be teaching this term. This little fox is staring at me while I work. Which is appropriate as I am sketching out a patterned fox design as an example of what I would like the class to do.

The past two mornings it has been chilly outside. The light is changing, the shadows are lengthening. There was dew on everything this morning as I stepped outside to walk to the train station.

Fall is coming, you can just feel it. Summer will leave us soon and Autumn will wrap us in a carpet of crunchy leaves, frosty mornings, rainy days, lavender-blue-gray skies and the first bite of chill. I’m waiting.


Jennifer Michie Rainy Morning

It was dark, raining and very windy when I left the cottage this morning. It was still dark when my train pulled into London. The view from my carriage window was blurred by the raindrops speeding down the glass, their velocity matching the train. The lights we passed seemed to stretch out for miles, the dark and the rain exaggerating their glow.

I found my salvation this morning at 7:26am, while waiting for the tube, I took my first glorious sip of hot coffee. I’m normally up not long after 5, so by that point in the morning, I am more than ready for a little jolt of caffeine. Everyone was quiet this morning. The darkness, the rain, the fact that it was another Monday all played their part, I think.

It has rained off and on all day. Night is starting to close in earlier now. You can tell that we are not that far off from moving our clocks back and shortening our days. We have sat on the cusp long enough, I think we are finally slipping into Autumn.

The End of the Week

Jennifer Michie Hydrangea

It was raining as I left work today, but I stopped to capture this sumptuous hydrangea blossom. It’s hues deepening with the progression of autumn. We have reached the end of the week, the house feels still, the candles are lit, music is playing, dinner is in the oven, the dryer is whirring away and I feel happy, peaceful. The weekend has begun.


Feels Like Fall

Jennifer Michie Dawn

It felt Fall-ish this weekend. It was cool and rainy on Saturday, sunny and chilly yesterday. Today I left the house to a dark and windy morning, which slowly budded into the most gorgeous sunrise, the sky was filled with pink and gold and a deep purple, the trees and houses I passed, black silhouettes against the rising dawn. All this beauty had vanished behind clouds and a rain filled sky by the time I got off the tube.

It feels like Fall has arrived to England. Blustery, rainy weather and the crunch of leaves underfoot. I just wanted to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea this afternoon. It feels like sweater weather!

Below is a small Autumn Playlist that I made, these songs make me think of hot apple cider, pumpkins, sweaters, the leaves changing, the evenings closing in sooner, the train racing past fields filled with birds following the Harvester, rainy afternoons and crispy mornings, to name but a few things.

Autumn Days by Jennifer Michie on Grooveshark