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Coffee & Eggs

We are a house that rises early. I have always been and I think will continue to be, a night owl. But, I’ve come to love getting up in the early hours of the morning. I think I crave that quiet time, just as much as my 2am writing sessions.

So, in this house of early risers, we aim to have breakfast together before we head out the door to start our day. We normally make toast or have some yogurt with fresh fruit; we work on the crossword together, sometimes there is music, sometimes it is just quiet and there is always a candle lit.

I’ve come to cherish our morning routine. However, one thing I do love about school breaks is a mini break in the routine and a chance to do something on a weekday when everyone else is at work. We awoke early this morning but stayed bundled up in bed for a while longer before we braved going out. It was a balmy 24ºF when we headed out together. We went to the woods. The ponds were completely iced over, the birds were singing and flittering from one bough to another. There was ice on the ground and the bit of snow that had fallen late last night had hardened.

After a good run and a bit of a workout using the park benches, we headed to one of our favourite joints to grab breakfast. Outside of the weekend, we never get to go there. It was quiet, just one other table eating breakfast. We sat in the window so we could feel the sunshine on our faces.

We ordered coffee, worked on the crossword and decided to order some breakfast. I deviated from my normal choice of smashed avocado, feta and chilli on toast, to the rosemary roasted ham on toast, topped with fried eggs. It was bliss. It was a well deserved breakfast after such a cold run; it was luxuriously enjoyed as there were no time constraints and even better there were no dishes to do when we were done.

This was a perfect start to our week off.

P.S. We’re having a blast watching the Olympics. I read the lovely Tieghan’s blog of Half Baked Harvest and we were jumping up and down when her brother Red took the Gold in snowboarding! His first Olympics and he goes home with the Gold! Just INCREDIBLE! 


The Winter Olympics 2018

I am excited about two things today. First, it is FRIDAY!! I’ve been waiting for Friday to come around, since I went to bed on Sunday night. Secondly, today is the beginning of the Winter Olympics and I can’t wait to watch the opening ceremony tonight with Mr. Michie. I think it will most definitely involve a bowl of popcorn and a couple of hot chocolates.

I LOVE the Winter Olympics. If watching it doesn’t make you want to throw on your ice skates or shoot down a hill in skis, then nothing will. I have a couple of people I’m rooting for, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them. I truly just want everyone to do well and no one to suffer any serious injuries or setbacks.

Bring in the torch, because I’m ready to watch them light the fire and get this wonderful show on the road!

{Vintage image of Peggy Fleming ice skating HERE // Pinned HERE}