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Lost Things

Angela Kohler directed this video and it is so wonderfully dreamlike, especially with a song by A Fine Frenzy. I love Angela’s photographs there is such a magic to them, like this one:

and this one:

the colors just seem to dance and the 1950’s-esque quality is dreamy. I found this video on the Bloom & Blossom blog and it made me smile! I love the whimsy of it all, especially the whale and the teacup roses in her sunset red hair!

I think there just might be a black hole hiding all of those lost things! One, surely must be in my purse because things go in there and sometimes they never come out, just like the socks the washing machine seems to eat….

I’m "Cut-Out" for It!

While attending the NEC a few weeks ago, we found the wonderful stand that sold Rob Ryan’s gorgeous cards! I have liked him for awhile now and love that he is doing cards, which are an affordable luxury to the masses.

I have always loved the art of paper cutting and have always liked that Rob Ryan takes this to a whole new level. His cards have such an air of whimsy to them. I used to sit at my kitchen table when I was little, cutting out heart garlands and angel garlands, making snowflakes to dot around my room. I loved the crunch of the scissors through my paper and the never quite knowing what the final product would look like, or if the garland would even stay together, or had it been cut to close to the edge?

Although, I know he uses a knife, I started out with scissors before I upgraded… I would trace a pattern onto my paper and slowly begin to cut away sections of it with my craft knife. Maybe this was why I loved printmaking so much? One flick of the wrist and your image was created by what you left untouched around it, or by you carving that away and leaving your image raised and ready to be inked.

I can’t wait till some of these arrive in my friend’s shop, I want to stick them up in frames. I have a card obsession you see! I collect cards I love. Some have been with me since my days in College and carried on to me obtaining my Master’s pinned into my little board of inspiration, of reflectiveness, of happiness.

I have a box of cards that slowly as I find the right frames or homes for them they go out, one by one, some being changed around with the seasons.  These cards in his new collection are just beautiful! So, I can’t wait to get my hands on them, especially “City Story”, we are eternal newlyweds and this card really appeals to me!

  “We had nothing, we had not much, we had enough, we had everything. This was our city story.”


Visit his site to learn more about him.

Fairy Mushrooms

While doing a little research for vintage cotton-spun mushrooms, I came across this tutorial for paperclay mushrooms on The Fabled Needle Blog.  I know it is an older post but they were just too cute not to share with you.

On such a cold drizzley morning here in England this brought me a little sunshine happiness.  I can’t wait to try making them myself, the possibilities of their uses are endless.

I am already envisioning plans for these little sparkle layered snow kissed mushrooms sprinkled around my miniature zinc Christmas house in December and maybe worked into a wreath with tiny gnomes for some Christmas kitsch cuteness. Oh, now I am getting carried away…


You will find her tutorial here.

(Mushroom Images from The Fabled Needle Blog, Gnomes from Layer Cake, embellished by Jennifer Michie)

Cozy Felt Mittens

I was saddened to say goodbye to Cornwall on Saturday, but, I have now jumped back into the full swing of things here. I spent most of yesterday creating a mitten pattern for some garlands I am making for the fair.

I finished the mittens last night and stitched “cozy” & “frosty” onto some antique white colored felt that I will cut out with my scallop edger and attach to a small felt pillow that will hang from the garland as well.

This is my project to finish today! I have 5 more little bears that need to be sewn up, I am done with my tooth bears, now I am working on my holiday bears and there is a little bear with holly on her pocket who has patiently been waiting to be stitched together.

The Christmas Fair on Friday will come faster than I can imagine, I am so excited! I am back to work as soon as I make myself a cup of hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows to fuel my sewing fingers on this cold morning!

Hats & Mittens Weather

It is definitely hats & mittens weather. Yesterday, as I went traipsing through the woods on a morning walk, I could see my breath in front of me. The sky is silvery again, gone is the very blue sky of Autumn and it is bone chillingly cold here. I am going to have to get out my bag of hats and scarves and mittens.

It is one of my favorite rituals, going through all the wonderful colored scarves and mittens I have, some bought, some handmade, all bright and happy to mix and match with any outfit.

This little image from Belle & Boo reminded me of the crispy days of Autumn. When you don’t quite need your winter coat but definitely a hat and possibly a scarf, to keep you warm on a long walk through the woods with your sweetie pie.

If you have not come across Belle & Boo, it is a real gem. The drawings, for me, harken back to a 60’s-ish style of children’s art work. The simplicity, sweetness and whimsical nature of Mandy Sutcliffe’s creations are pieces that work for any age group. Not only are there prints of herartwork, but among other things she also has a stationery line. One of these adorable gift tags tied to your little parcel and it would take on a whole new life. They are just too cute!

Click on the Image below to visit the website:


(Images used copyright Belle & Boo)

Gnome is Where the Heart Is

Well, as you may or may not know I love gnomes! I think they are just cute, whimsical, funny and kitsch. While searching for a particular cupcake item, I went to one of my favorite sites, “Bake It Pretty“, it has an array of goodies and lots of those hard to find retro/vintage looking cupcake picks. They were established before “Layer Cake“. Although, they have some product cross over, I think each have their own unique qualities.

I started going through their cookie cutter section while I was there and came across this guy! I thought he was too cute for words. He would be adorable iced with a little red or blue hat. Maybe even a little beard piped on with a small star tip.

When I was in high school, our local baking supply store was holding a Wilton Cake Decorating course and being the nerd that I am, I set aside some babysitting money and my mom let me sign up!

I love to bake and cook and I thought this would be a way to expand on that. I had so much fun, making roses, learning how to make the clown bodies to stick the clown head pick in for cupcakes or cakes, and best of all, you got to take home your finished products and eat them, now that alone was worth it for me, a guaranteed chance to have scrumptious cake once a week with that heavenly “wedding cake” icing, mmm!

You can buy him on this own or in an adorable “Pretty Magical Forest” set. Which gives you a really nice shaped mushroom that you could easily decorate to go along with him. He will need a place to sit on and rest of course!

This little gnome was too cute not to share and so sweetly photographed against the yellow gingham, I felt something needed to be said about this little character. If looking at these sites doesn’t make you want to run out and start whipping up cupcakes with the cutest toppers to put on them, I don’t know what will!

(All Images from “Bake it Pretty” website)