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It’s Thursday, Alright!

Well,  it’s a Thursday alright! We’re doing a major overhaul in the cottage. Cleaning, gutting and downsizing. I made two trips to one charity store this morning to bring them two side tables we were getting rid of. Mr. Michie helped me make the other trip before work, to a different charity shop, that will take electrical items. I’ve dusted high up places and low down underneath places that haven’t been dusted in awhile and in doing this my vacuum broke. It hasn’t been very happy for a bit, so I guess it thought today was a good day to go.

Well, I just had to laugh, because this would only happen to me. So, even though it is just the first of December and not the first day of Christmas, I started singing, as I often sing and talk to myself: “On the first day of Christmas my true love bought for meeeee, a new-eww vaa-ac-uuummm!”

I’ve been a very good girl this year, so there is one winging it’s way to me now as I type. So, I thought I shall take a five minute break, catch my breath, re-work my plan of attack for the day and share something with all of you. I saw this gem on Monday and it is just pure Wes Anderson happiness. So, here’s to the first of the month and here’s to Thursdays, let them be short, so we can move on to Fridays and then on to the merry weekend! And, wherever that train is going, I want to ride within it’s mint green walls and rattle down the tracks.

“M&M” Date Night #4

Jennifer Michie M&M Date Night 1

We’ve had lots of date nights, I’ve just been having too much fun on them to record anything. But last night, I pulled out our vintage projection screen, Mr. Michie set up the projector and we watched Moonrise Kingdom. I don’t think you can go wrong with a Wes Anderson film!

We made camp fire grilled flatbread pizzas, drank wine, and in homage to the French music, we had French vanilla bean custard with a raspberry puree for dessert. All the fairy lights were lit and we stayed cozy under blankets and just lounged around. Happiness is…

Jennifer Michie M&M Date Night 2 Jennifer Michie M&M Date Night 3 Jennifer Michie M&M Date Night 4 Jennifer Michie M&M Date Night 5

Keeping it Clean

Vintage Eureka Ad

Well we spent the weekend, cleaning! I didn’t mind it one bit, there is something very therapeutic in scrubbing and washing and mopping and dusting! And at the end of it, you have a very sparkly, glittering clean home that you can just relax in. Which is just what we did on Saturday night with some Chinese take out, our vintage projection screen set up, candles lit and The Grand Budapest Hotel was our movie of choice.

Yesterday we tackled the pantry and collected another round of goodies to deliver to the charity shop. We are finally moving in to a really good place, where we are truly shedding all the excess. Who needs all that stuff? We don’t! It’s nice to know that someone else can make good use of it!

Moonrise Kingdom

I saw this trailer a few months ago and lately (this week) it has been popping up everywhere. So, I thought I would share it with you.

I really like Wes Anderson. His films are delightfully quirky, odd, funny, serious, witty… Whatever he puts his hand to, to me, comes out just right.

In particular and one of my favorites: The Fantastic Mr. Fox. He brought that book to life with a lot of love and humor and a truly eccentric quality which all of his films seem to have, besides a great cast, superb use of language and wonderful fashion.

His newest movie, Moonrise Kingdom, appears to capture all that he is known for and all that I love about his style. I can’t wait to see it! Enjoy!