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Another great find while catching up with the last threads of things I stored on my Instapaper account over the summer, I discovered a film on The Fox is Black site. Simply entitled Tone, it’s focus lies not with the art of painting itself but rather the medium used to create works of art: paint. The film was created by NY based filmmaker Trent Jaklitsch, who filmed Alyssa Monks while at work.

I was completely mesmerised by the colors bleeding and swirling into one another as they are blended. I love cleaning my brushes, watching the paint swirl around the water, like a squid that has just extruded a puff of ink. The water beginning to cloud with color like a storm rolling in.

The paint hues tangible, the bristles of her brush sweeping through the paint and stirring it into peaks and ridges as if she is creating mountains of color. There comes a point where it doesn’t appear as paint any more, it materializes almost as if it has come out of the cosmos, a star burst of color. Or, like bodily fluids, blood pulsing through the veins. It is an intoxicating film to view.

Chilly Gonzales

I have known of Chilly Gonzales for awhile now. I enjoy his work. Somehow, I missed the Solo Piano II album. As I was catching up with a few things I had earmarked to Instapaper, I read an article I had saved from the Fox is Black about this album in particular, being Bobby Solomon’s go-to album for working to. This song, is stunningly beautiful and haunting. It fit the chill of the morning air as I walked to the train station. A little Chilly for a chilly day. What a terrible pun, I know, but I just couldn’t resist! Happy Monday.

Radiohead, Film Editing & The Weekend

I am a Radiohead fan. I have an old concert t-shirt of theirs I stole from Mr. Michie many many moons ago, it is perfectly soft. He is an even bigger Radiohead fan and so he smiled sweetly and closed his eyes when I played this for him this chilly Saturday morning, found via The Fox is Black.

I have a film to finish editing this weekend that will go on display along with 14 other films in St. John Smith’s Square Music Hall this week. It is an abstract film that will accompany the symphony. It has been an interesting process for me as I have never made a piece of abstract film before. I will post the film and share more on that soon.

Oh, the weekend! Those two words: THE WEEKEND, hark so gloriously to my ears. This week has been insanely busy, with more than a few late nights. It is funny to think that the place you call home, the place you spend time creating as an oasis is sometimes the place you spend your least amount of time in. I have spent more time outside of my house than in it this week. Hmm, I think this work/life balance thing needs some reconsideration.

We plan to do a lot of walking this weekend, a little coffee drinking, a bit of shopping as I am working on putting together some surprise packages and a lot of delicious eating and being in each other’s company. Being with Mr. Michie makes me happy.

Ship In A Bottle

I read an article yesterday on The Fox is Black about a film that was produced for the Australian magazine, Smith Journal. Ray Gascoigne is an 85 year old gentleman who has spent his life either by or on the water. A retired sailor, he has been building and putting miniature ships in bottles for 60 years.

He creates a little slice of beauty and one of these ships would be a treasure to have. Those bottles seem to encapsulate adventure, romance, whimsy and magic all plugged up and contained by a cork.

Bottled History from Smith Journal on Vimeo.