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Trick-or-Treat Pins

I’ve been busy pinning some Halloween tricks, treats and ideas onto my Halloween Pinterest Page so come on over and join me there:

Jennifer Michie Halloween Pins 2013 1

1. Halloween Pumpkin Punch from Honestly Yum
2. Witch Cupcakes from Country Living
3. Spider Cupcakes from Bakerella
4. Oreo Milkshake from My Baking Addiction
5. Hi-Hat Brownies from Dieters Downfall

Jennifer Michie Halloween Pins 2013 2

1. Halloween Candy dishes from Martha Stewart
2. Papier Mache Puppets from Mermag
3. Bubblegum Necklaces from A Pretty Cool Life
4. Halloween Noisemakers from Martha Stewart
5. Candy Corn from The Purl Bee

Jennifer Michie Halloween Pins 2013 3

1. Witches by Phoebe Wahl
2. Charlie Brown Poster Tumblr
3. Star Wars 
4. Halloween Entertaining from Country Living
5. Frankenstein and his Bride

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Our Day

Mr. Michie and I each went our own ways yesterday to run errands and do a little Christmas shopping before we met up again to see, The Hobbit. It was wonderful, Peter Jackson has done such a fantastic job of tying everything in so far, the links between this and The Lord of the Rings was very nicely done.

While I was getting ready, Mr. Michie snapped this on his phone, I thought it was cute, so I am posting it. I love that he will set up a little scene and take a picture. This is a mini Yoda from a Happy Meal we have had for ages, he is a “magic 8 ball” Yoda and lives in the kitchen:

The sunrise:

An afternoon snack, the strawberry jam filled snowman for me and the chocolate praline fudge cake for Mr. Michie:



The Force is Strong

We stayed up the night of the Super Bowl to watch as much of the game as we could. But at about 1am we decided to cash it in and go to bed. I however, was still wide awake and followed the game from my macbook while snuggled underneath a mountain of blankets.

I have to say, the commercials are one of the things I really love to see, who doesn’t? Sadly, because of ad rights we don’t get to view the commercials in England. YouTube was hosting a site by adblitz that updated the commercials almost as quickly as they were played on everyone’s TV sets at home.

As Mr. Michie slept peacefully next to me I watched the commercials and when I saw this one, I almost woke him up. Almost. I know that one day when we have children, if we have a car that does this, Mr. Michie will be standing at the kitchen window car keys in hands to make our kid’s Star Wars dreams come true. Because if he had the Force, that would be his dream come true!

However, I think we will probably be more of a Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo kind of household.  The Force is strong in this one! Hmm. Yes!

Happy Halloween

In the run-up to Halloween you had to make the toughest decisions you had made all year, it was like the practice test that got you ready to start working on your list for Santa that would become your focus not long after Thanksgiving. What was the toughest decision you made? It was: what would I be for Halloween?

I was so many things over the years, a pumpkin, a witch, a pink bunny, a little leopard. One year I was St. Lucia, I dressed up just like my American Girl Doll, Kirsten Larson, with my hair in braided loops and a wreath around my head that my Mom lit with battery operated candles. Knowing my love for all things Christmas, this was one of my favorite costumes.

As I was growing up, on the other side of the pond, so was Mr. Michie. Being British he never had the full American Halloween dressing-up, trick-or-treating experience. But, I know if he had and we had been friends when we were little, as I know we would have been, then knowing his love for all things Star Wars, he would have made us go out trick-or-treating like this:


What’s for Lunch?

In keeping with my Back-to-School theme and the oilcloth lunch bags I wrote about the other day, I thought I would do a post on the ever important lunch box! This was one of the most crucial decisions made at the beginning of the school year! Which one did you choose?

My sister lives near a wonderful hole-in-the-wall restaurant with sandwiches to die for and it is completely filled with treasures. One of the many is a collection of lunch boxes, one of my favorite being a vintage Mary Poppins tin lunch box, and I know I would have chosen that one if I had it as an option, the pinks and blues in it are so happy.

I used to have a She-Ra lunch box one year, she was just so cool, and I had a plaid tin one with a little matching thermos. Some of my husband’s favorites were his Transformers, Star Wars and the most important of all a He-Man Master of the Universe lunch box, even then we were meant to be together, me with She-Ra & him with He-Man.

I love the old tin boxes they are so much nicer than the plastic ones today, and so much more durable! I think your lunch just tasted better out of the box, especially if it included a smiley face note from your Mom, and an oatmeal cream pie like mine would!

I could have used one of my Mom’s notes today, it has been a long week, but I got something better; a wonderful Back-to-School package from her that was a treasure trove of delights! Did you have a favorite lunch box?

*The image of the 3 women is a Flickr picture found on dlundbech’s Flickr page, the woman in the middle is Ana Grimshaw and this photo was taken around 1900 in Vermont. I have no idea who Ana Grimshaw is, but she was beautiful, vivacious, and has breathtaking Anne of Green Gables Gibson Girl hair. She looks like a hell of a gal to have a picnic with!

(All images found on Flickr)