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HELLO, December

Hello, December! You’ve arrived with a nip to the air and Jack Frost on your heels. There are rumours of snow for next week and I’m relishing the thought.  

We’re ready for hot chocolate walks while we look at Christmas lights glowing. We’re ready to stay up late watching old movies and eating buttery popcorn. We’re ready to keep our Christmas albums spinning while we eat dinner by the glow of the Christmas tree. 

We’re ready for the adventures we have planned this month and the school break that allows us to soak up everything in this most resplendent of seasons. And the opportunity that the school holiday brings, to be able to breathe and drink in the world around us at our own pace. 

We’re ready for our holiday baking to begin and the house to be filled with the smell of sugar cookies, gingerbread, cinnamon and peppermint. We’re ready to linger over the breakfast table working on the crossword together with hot cups of coffee in hand. 

We’re ready for the reflective moments and the collective calm this season brings amongst the sparkle and glitter and glow. 

We’re ready for this most holy of seasons and pray that peace, light and love continue to shine through the darkness. 

Welcome, December, fill our hearts with good cheer. 

{Vintage East European Matchbox | Pinned HERE | Found HERE}

Happy St. Nicholas Day

I hope you awoke to a small surprise in your shoe this morning left by St. Nicholas. ✨

{Image | St. Nikolaus (Print) | Elsa Schnell-Dittmann | F. A. Ackermanns Kunstverlag | Munich, Germany | 4 5/8 × 5 7/8 inches | Found HERE}

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

I forgot to put my shoes out last night, so only Mr. Michie got a surprise. It was a pretty big Christmas chocolate bar that was wedged in his shoe though, so I’m hoping he’ll share a piece with me later.

{Image Phoebe Wahl // Pinned HERE}

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

I know I’ve written about it in this space before, but this was always one of my favourite days at school. We’d slip off one shoe and place it in the hallway and then scramble back to our desks. Our classroom door would close and try as hard as we might to concentrate, we were all straining our ears for the sound of jingle bells.

Eventually you could hear the far off tinkle, twinkle of them and they got closer and closer and closer and then silence. We could hear rustling and a jolly laugh and then the bells would start tinkling, twinkling again and the merry sound would slowly disappear.

Once we got the all clear, we jumped out from behind our desks and into the hallway where all our shoes were lined up. Tucked inside was a fat little orange, a piece of chocolate or a candy cane and a little domed plastic snow globe with either the nativity or a winter scene inside.

It was a day that held magic. I hope today holds magic for you!

{Image of a Ukrainian Christmas Stamp FOUND}

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas Day! I have said it before and I will say it again, this was one of my favorite days growing up. We would be in our classrooms, trying so hard to concentrate on what Sister Marion was saying, one of our elfin size shoes would be waiting in the hallway and we would be intently listening out for the sound of bells.

When you heard that tinkle, tinkle, getting louder and louder as it came closer to your classroom door, it was all you could do to contain yourself. A shadow would cross the doorway, the tinkle of the bells would fade into the distance and you knew he had been. He, being St. Nicholas! We were allowed outside and tucked in our shoes was usually a miniature candy cane, a fat little orange and a plastic snow globe of the nativity scene.

It was always such a magical day. I hope that St. Nicholas brings you a bit of magic today as well.

A Gift from St. Nicholas

Yesterday, was St. Nicholas Day. Some of my most cherished childhood memories come from this day. We headed out into a very frosty wintery wonderlandy Monday morning to catch our bus to school. It was just too cold to be out, it was a morning to be snuggled in bed with hot chocolate and Christmas music, but off to work we went.

I headed up to my cupboard and once I dumped my stuff on my desk, I began to start taking down signs that were posted on Friday about classroom changes. As I walked out onto the landing of the back stairwell to remove my last sign, something flew up out of nowhere and perched on the ledge that leads out to the conservatory.

It was a fat little robin red breast. We chatted to each other for a few moments and with a little turn of his head he hopped along the ledge and disappeared through the elfin sized gap, where the new building meets the old and flew away.

Thank you, St. Nicholas, for you know how much I love British robins and how much more I wanted to be cozy in bed yesterday morning, that little present made me smile all day!

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Saint Nicholas Day on this second Sunday of Advent. The little surprise in my shoe is that I am being taken out for Brunch!

I loved being little at this time of year! At my school we would put our shoes out into the hallway and then try to sit as patiently as we could in our desks waiting to see if St. Nicholas would come.

There would be a rustle outside and you could just catch a glimpse of a staff and a mitre going past the little window cut in the door. We would rush outside to see a glint of a red cape as he rounded the corner and disappeared.

Inside our shoes was a little candy cane, an orange and a plastic snow globe; usually with a little Christmas scene. I savored that little candy cane when I ate it, swinging my shoeless feet off of my school chair and shaking my little snow globe as I made it snow for the miniature village inside. Oh to be little again!