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Hello, July! We’re ready for you to usher in the last month of the school year and bring us one step closer to being able to beat to our own rhythm for a little while with no set schedules. 

We’re ready for our annual Fourth of July celebrations with hamburgers and my Nana’s macaroni salad and homemade hot fudge sundaes for dessert while we watch “JAWS” in the dark. 

We’re ready for our Christmas in July celebrations and the festivities that surround that. A Christmas menu with a summer twist, Christmas movies, Christmas music and we are still deciding on the Christmas dessert menu for this year! 

We’re already eating our weight in your summer fruit bounty, but we haven’t yet had the perfect tomato sandwich, so that is still to come. We’re ready to bake pies out of all the fruit we can’t manage to eat in time with heaps of vanilla ice cream on top. 

We’re ready for our days to stretch out ahead of us where we simply read books and stack the record player and listen to music. We’re ready to continue dancing in the kitchen long after the sun has set and relish in our late night movie dates, while the curtains dance in the breeze from the open windows behind us.

Welcome, July! We’re ready for all that you bring! 

{Keep Your Cool, Slim Aarons, 1978 | “Carmen Alvarez enjoying a game of backgammon with Frank ‘Brandy’ Brandstetter in a swimming pool at Acapulco.” | Pinned HERE}

HELLO, August

Hello, August! We’re ready to keep enjoying the lazy hazy days of summer. We’re ready to keep eating our weight in fruit and vegetables from the local farmer’s market. Gobbling up blueberries still warm from being picked on the way home. 

We’re ready to keep enjoying time with family and friends that we have not had the pleasure of being with in many, many moons. 

We’re ready to work on puzzles on the sunporch while the breeze drifts by. We’re ready for early morning swims and evening runs to get ice cream after dinner. 

We’re ready to stay up late eating popcorn while we watch old movies. We’re ready to soak up all that you have to offer and we’re grateful for this time off from school and the chance to appreciate being within the moment and making every second count. We’re going to drink up each day until the last drop. 

{Austrian actress Mara Lane lounging by the pool in a red and white striped bathing costume at the Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, 1954. | Photo by Slim Aarons | Hulton Archive | Getty Images}


Hello, July! We’re ready for you to bring warmer weather our way and keep the rain at bay for just a little bit. We’re ready for early morning coffee on the beach when the world is quiet and we can go swimming and have the water all to ourselves. We’re ready for homemade ice cream after dinner and dancing around the kitchen to the ‘60s music groove we’re in at the moment. 

We’re ready for school to come to a close for the year and the chance to stay up late watching old movies on the projector and eating popcorn and making ice cream floats. We’re ready for our annual Christmas in July party and this year it might last more than a day, it might be an entire weekend of Christmas music playing and Christmas movie watching and Christmas feasting and just general Christmas happiness. 

We’re ready to devour more books while sitting on the beach and then lazily strolling up to the house to make cheeseburgers that have thick slices of heirloom tomatoes sitting on top of the melting cheese and fresh corn on the cob smothered in butter. 

We’re ready for all that you bring and we hope it is filled with love and laughter and light. 

{Slim Aarons / Getty Images: Mrs. Charles Rogers sits on a submerged bar stool in the Villa Vera Spa & Racquet Club pool, Acapulco, Mexico, January 1961 // Pinned HERE}


Hello, June! We’re ready for the closing of the day to take longer to come. We’re ready for breakfast on the beach with hot coffee and croissants and then diving into the water with the cool rush of the waves beating against our skin.

We’re ready for date nights with the windows open and dusk falling as we watch a double feature projected on our old screen while we share a bowl of popcorn. We’re ready for BLTs stuffed with the first heirloom tomatoes of the season that are pouring into the green grocer’s stand with crunchy salty potato chips and sweet iced tea.

We’re ready for evening strolls and quiet star filled nights and making dinner together while 1960s beach music fills the air and we dance and laugh and live.

{Slim Aarons, “Oberon’s Lunch”, Acapulco, 1966 // Pinned HERE}

HELLO, December!

Hello, December! We’re so excited that you’re here. We’re ready for candlelit nights, Christmas music, sugar cookies, gingerbread men, pumpkin pie, chilly evenings and hot chocolate with marshmallows. I hope you bring us lots of snow this year.

{Image Slim Aarons // Pinned HERE}

Happy July!

“Oh, Hi! I didn’t see you there!”

I’ve been having too much FUN lately, so I’m a few days late to wish you “Happy July!” I’ll never know what happened to the rest of June? It went by in a blur of carousel colours and lights, red ringlets, freckles, baby toes, chocolate cream pie, hot summer car rides that ended in ice cream cone licking, strawberry moons, eating from the garden and being surrounded by everyone I love.

Here’s to hoping that July holds as much FUN and happiness as June did!

{Image Slim Aarons // Pinned HERE}