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Danse avec Moi!

I love this print by Sarah Jane Studios. I have been staring at it for awhile now. Trying to justify its purchase, you know, the wants vs. the needs. But, this print just makes me happy!

Today on the 1st day of March the sun is shining, the sky is a robin’s egg blue, there a few clouds floating by, the air is fresh and as I gazed out this morning, I thought of this print.

We dance a lot in our house, randomly breaking out into dance while cooking dinner, while listening to good music. It is like living in a good 80’s movie. It is just happiness. Even on our first date, taking my hand in his, my husband waltzed me across the street under the moonlight.

So, tonight as we welcome in what feels like the beginning of Spring, even if it is just a teaser, I am going to ask him: “danse moi dans le printemps!” (dance me into spring) and laughing, I know he will oblige me, and taking my hand we will dance.

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Have Joy!

I was doing some etsy shopping and went to Sarah Jane Studios’ store and saw this beautiful print. I am in love! I just love what this says, it says so much in two very simple little words!

I am helping a friend out in her shop at the moment, since they are shorthanded and I feel like we should have a poster size version of this print hanging up to remind customers, to just Have Joy!

I refuse to lose site of what this season is about with all the hustle and bustle, to be rude to people while I am out shopping to be impatient and unkind. Tis’ the season… to have joy!

Tomorrow when someone asks me to gift wrap 20 small ornaments, individually and in 5 minutes because they are in a rush, I am just going to smile and think of this print!

You Spook Me!

sarah jane halloween

I love pouring over Sarah Jane’s Blog. If you haven’t heard of her, she makes the sweetest illustrations. She has created some very cute cards for Halloween, the “You Spook Me” series are in her Etsy shop.

Her work is just whimsical, adorable, bright and happy! She is someone who inspires me and gives me hope in that she has worked hard on her own, starting small and through Etsy and her Blog she is now recognized worldwide. I am not looking to get recognized worldwide, I am just aiming to pay the bills by doing something that makes me happy.

My next goal is to start selling on Etsy, I think it would be a real opener to more opportunities for me. I read an article recently in Country Living and the woman who wrote the article, Katy McColl, has also written a book entitled: “Should I do what I love? (or do what I do, so I can do what I love on the side)”.

The title alone made me smile, I have stopped being in the rat race and although I have been looking devoutly for a job in the Art world, I am continuing on this path that feels right as things continue to fall into place on my road to happiness. I am doing the best that I can do with what I have and that is all you can really ask of yourself.

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