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Easter Bonnet

Never saw you look quite so pretty before

Never saw you dressed quite so lovely what’s more

I could hardly wait to keep our date this lovely

Easter Morning…

 And my heart beat fast as I came through the door.

For in your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it

You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade.

When my Mom was a little girl, my Nana made all of her and her sister’s Easter outfits herself. They all had a new dress, new coat, new white gloves and a new little Easter bonnet for Easter Sunday.

When my sister and I were growing up, my Mom did the same for us. We always had a new outfit for Easter. I love that some things never change. Your Easter hat says so much about you. I couldn’t wait to get to church Easter Morning to see what hat Mrs. S. had on. She was in my Nana’s altar society and her hats were straight out of a Hollywood movie of the 1950’s.

In perusing Flickr, I came across a few Easter Bonnet clad ladies of yore and I thought I would share them with you. What is it about that brand new Easter outfit and hat? Enjoy!

(Flower embellishment: Pugly Pixel Freebie. All images found on Flickr)

A Little Frosting

What could be better than real frosting piped high on a cupcake or swirled around the edges of your Nana’s famous Marble Cake?

I think the next best thing could be this adorable set of frosting brushes from the lovely Sugar & Meringue! These would be perfect to decorate homemade labels for the Christmas cookies or other sweet treats you might be giving away to friends and family. Enjoy!

(Click on the image to go to her site, where you can download this set. Tag used in first image is a Pugly Pixel Freebie)

Into The Cupboard

I ventured into the cupboard yesterday and began to get the lay of the land. I wanted to straighten some things up, clean some things out and just get a general idea of where everything is supposed to be!

In the process I brought along my camera with me to start to get a feel for how I want to shoot things: in a collage, by item, a mixture of the two? Do they look best on my work table? My desk? With a fabric background?

So, I played around a little, grabbed a few things and started to shoot. I had so much fun, cleaning and discovering some of the items in there, like an original box of violin strings from what looks like the 50’s or 60’s, there is a handwritten note on the side stating they are 20p each.  I also found an original handheld camera from the 1960’s with the original receipt of purchase and Japanese instruction manual still intact.

These are just a few images from yesterday. Some, might be used in my new blog, others not, but I wanted to get a feel for things and how they would best work and be photographed. I can’t wait for school to start!

Visit my new blog I will be beginning my 365 day project soon…

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I was commissioned last week to make a little bear for a brand new baby. Although, too tiny for the Tooth Fairy, this little bear can stay tucked away in her nursery until she is ready for it.

Affectionately known as “Bean” while she was in the womb, she became known as “Beanetta” once the parents found out they were having a little girl.

She was born July 9th, but still does not have a name that suits her. Welcome to the world Beanetta, I hope you have a name soon!

(Polka Dot border from a Pugly Pixel Freebie)

Red, White & Blue

The Fourth of July is on the horizon and I have my whole menu planned for the weekend festivities, except for the most important part: dessert! That, for me, is the hardest thing to plan, there are just too many choices.  I could make my Strawberry Shortcake Cake, or good old fashioned ice cream sandwiches made from fresh chocolate chip, oatmeal or sugar cookies and filled with vanilla or strawberry ice-cream.

I spotted these goodies on the Martha Stewart site. I love the cookie spoons, although I would probably break them on purpose so I could munch away on my edible utensil and then get another one.

I also loved these jam stars. However, I would feel wasteful to not use all of my dough when I have smeared it so lovingly with jam, I would probably use my scraps up by cutting out some little circles or mini stars to go alongside the bigger ones.

It would also be tempting to make a mile high Pollyanna Cake, like the ones they baked for the Church bazaar. That is an old Disney favorite of mine. It is one of those movies that you better make sure you have something sweet in the house to eat when you watch it, although, unless you have one of Tillie’s (the Harrington’s cook in the movie) cakes you will be sadly disappointed with whatever exists behind the doors of your cupboards.

That does it! I think I will make my Nana’s marble cake with chocolate frosting! I just might have to make two, one for me and one for everyone else…

*Click on the Martha Stewart Images to be taken to the recipes for those mouth-watering cookies!

(Images: Sugar Cookie Spoons & Jam Stars: copyright Martha Stewart; Pollyanna: images found on Flickr; Pink Flags & Circle Labels: a Pugly Pixel Freebie)

Summertime in the South

It’s hot here! This is the hottest weekend of the year so far. As a girl raised in the South, I am used to heat. Heat, mixed with humidity that seems to dew on your skin the moment you step outside. Heat, mixed with humidity that takes your breath away when you open the door. Heat, mixed with humidity that feels as if you are breathing through a wet cloth.

Summer, in the South, symbolizes the beginning of so many things. It means fresh fried chicken with sliced tomatoes straight off the vine, cucumber salad and cantaloupe dripping its melon nectar to mingle with the vinegar of the salad on your plate.  All purchased that afternoon from the Farmer’s Market. A large shed that held inside its walls the best of Summer: fresh vegetables, watermelons, boiled peanuts. Bushel baskets by the door to place your selected items in as you shopped.  The smell of the sun and warmth, on the vegetables, that had not long come in from the fields.

Not all Sundays, but on some occasions after church we would head to the local family restaurant in town.  A place that served Southern food at its finest! No calorie counting here! Turkey & Dressing is always served on Sundays with a choice of vegetables and fresh yeast rolls. That was usually my choice over ham or fried chicken. That lunch mixed with the Summertime heat would often make you sleepy and an afternoon nap on the hammock would ensue.  

When my grandmother was a child in the South the big meal of the day was eaten at lunch, or as people called it then, “Dinner” and “Supper” was a lighter evening meal of cold lunchtime leftovers, sandwiches or biscuits, grits and frizzled ham.  They lived at the top of a big hill and when my great-grandfather Red would come home for lunch, each child would have a turn during the week riding up the hill with him.

He would place his arm out of the window and help the “rider” onto the foot board, holding onto them with his big worn hands as they gripped the open window frame, they would ride up the hill with their daddy, squealing and laughing all the way as the wind blew through their hair.

For that is the South.  Sweat rolling down your back; ice clinking in glasses as it slowly diffuses into sweet tea. The laughter of gossip carrying over the yard as children swing higher on their swing hung on the boughs of an oak to feel the breeze cool their faces.

Harper Lee described Summertime in the South best, in one of my favorite books, “To Kill A Mockingbird”:

Somehow, it was hotter then: a black dog suffered on a summer’s day; bony mules hitched to Hoover carts flicked flies in the sweltering shade of the live oaks on the square. Men’s stiff collars wilted by nine in the morning. Ladies bathed before noon, after their three-o’clock naps, and by nightfall were like soft teacakes with frostings of sweat and sweet talcum…A day was twenty-four hours long but seemed longer.


I love that line: A day was twenty-four hours long but seemed longer. The days did always seem so much longer when you were little, with one day slipping into the next an endless parade of Summer days. Now, time seems to fly, there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. But, that I suppose is how it should be, there is a time to everything and so there should be a time to rest as the sun comes to its end and our pace slows to match the softness of the moon.

(Peach Truck Image: Re-vamped Allman Bros. Album Cover, Pink Tag & Tape on “To Kill A Mockingbird” Image, The Pugly Pixel, Background on same image: The Graphics Fairy, Farmer’s Market & Palm Tree Images, copyright J. Michie)

A Place to Be

It is warm here today, the sun is coming and going as giant puffs of cotton candy clouds pass by. It is the perfect day to find a cool place in the shade and just be. Just be with a book, with music, with yourself. This looks like a good place to just be, but looks can be deceiving. This place to be is actually inside here:

This is one of many adorable pieces created by The Rifle Paper Company. I discovered them a little while ago, while searching for something on Martha Stewart. I went to their website and followed that to their blog and I was enraptured! Look at this stationary:

If this doesn’t make you want to sit right down and write a letter to someone, I don’t know what would! I still believe in snail mail you see. For as much as I write online and e-mail, there is still a magic in sitting down and writing a good old-fashioned letter and posting it off into a shiny red postbox as it begins its journey to be popped into someone’s mailbox on the other side of the pond.

And, I look forward to them as well. Getting a letter from my Mom, my Sister or my Nana in the mail is like a mini Christmas. To touch what they have touched and see what they have written in their beautiful handwriting. Now, that to me, is worth more than gold!

To see this beautiful stationary for yourself, click on the link below:

(All images copyright: The Rifle Paper Company, embellished by: J. Michie, Polka Dot Frames: The Pugly Pixel)

Mile High Banana Cream Pie

In lieu of a traditional Birthday Cake this year, I decided to make a MILE High Banana Cream Pie!

And it was Delicious! I even had a piece this morning for breakfast! Now what could be better than that? It could only have been topped by getting to share a piece with you!

(Images with my new Birthday Camera by J. Michie embellished with the Dot Freebie from The Pugly Pixel)

A Cozy Nook

Well, Mr. Sunshine has gone away for awhile, it looks like he will be on vacation all week by the weather reports, so the rain is here to stay.  When it is raining like this, I want nothing more than to curl up on the couch with a good book!

This image looked like a cozy nook to curl up in and just read the day away. You can see the window from the bed, which I like because I stop reading and just day dream on rainy days like this and if you got too cold you could drag the rocker over to that adorable stove.

And on a day like today as Summer begins to fully blossom (even in the rain) I would be reading an old favorite, “Anne of Green Gables”. I wanted to be like Anne when I was growing up, I had quite the imagination, so it wasn’t a far stretch to pretend I was Anne Shirley who lived on the second floor of Green Gables with a window that overlooked the pastures, with my best friend and kindred spirit Diana Berry living just a short cut through the fields.

Like Anne, I too am moving on to new adventures, I am going to be working in a school this coming fall. I will get to put my degree to good use working in the Art Department of a local school and I am so excited and nervous and looking forward to this next bend in the road. It isn’t as quaint as Anne’s one room school house in Avonlea, but I will have my own nook to make cozy and I can’t wait!

“When I left Queen’s my future seemed to stretch out before me like a straight road. I thought I could see along it for many a milestone. Now there is a bend in it. I don’t know what lies around the bend, but I’m going to believe that the best does. It has a fascination of its own, that bend, Marilla.”
❈ Anne of Green Gables 
(Image of “A Cozy Nook” found at: Gypsie, image of “Anne” copyright Sullivan Entertainment, “A Cozy Nook”, embellished with tape from a freebie by: The Pugly Pixel)