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Falling Apart

This evening after we came home and ate dinner and did the dishes and a few things around the house, I finally had a minute to crash on the couch and get caught up with my Google Reader.

I was going along, reading everything I had missed today and the few things I missed from yesterday. I started from the top today, so I was reading the latest posts first as opposed to starting at the bottom, which makes Mr. Michie laugh, I normally work backwards if I have a lot to catch up on. When I reached the bottom, the last post left to read was from the very beautiful Alicia Paulson of Posie gets Cozy.

I have been reading Alicia’s blog for as long as I can remember. I recall when she and Andy announced they were planning on adopting a baby and I thought back to the post I read not all that long ago that their dreams were to finally be realized. Yet unborn, they found a baby girl that seemed destined for them.

My heart beat faster as I read that post. My thoughts and prayers have travelled with them on their journey to parenthood. I eagerly devoured her photographs taken from their train ride, the onesies she knitted in the softest colors for this little being. The room they were getting ready, the plans and dreams they had shared with us for her, for them, for their family.

As I read her latest blog entry my heart sunk. For their dreams were not meant to be at this time. I cannot imagine the loss that they must be feeling, the pieces of their heart that must be scattered to the winds. This sweet little girl was only theirs for a short while before they were forced to give her back.

As we move into the week of Thanksgiving, I ask you to send your prayers and good thoughts their way, because this wonderful couple has truly had the rug pulled out from under them and yet she continues to handle and write about this situation with such grace. I pray that they find peace with what has happened and that another opportunity is just out there waiting for them, a bud ready to blossom.

Everything is coming up Rosy with an Ice-Skating Afternoon

I have just received my Ice-Skating Afternoon kit from “Rosy Little Things”, better known as: Posie Gets Cozy. If you have not come across Alicia Paulson, you are truly missing out on a very warm, witty, creative and cozy woman. I saw this kit last year when I first found her blog and I was saddened that she had completely sold out. Lucky for me, she sold the kits again this year with a new set of 3 ornaments, Walk in the Woods to coordinate with her previous designs.

I had the kit sent to my parent’s house and as my Mom and I skyped, she¬†waved this adorable package in front of the screen, taunting me with cuteness. But, it will have to wait, I refuse to let her send it to me, because I have so much I am trying to complete for the Christmas Fair at the moment. Today, I am sealing my gingerbread wreaths. So, the kit will be my reward for finishing all my little tooth bears and Christmas bears and apple garlands and mitten garlands….

The kit was beautifully packaged and holds almost everything needed to make each ornament. Once it is is in my hands, I know I will just gaze at it for ages before I bring myself to start cutting up the gorgeous colored felt and snipping into pretty threads. Not only was everything so nicely packaged, it held within it a handwritten thank you, and it is those personal touches that make it truly special. Even though it is more work, when I create my pieces for the fair I like to make sure that all the items have personal touches from me; so, it is lovely when you meet other kindred spirits who do the same.

Unfortunately, Alicia has sold out of the kits for this season but she has informed me that in the next few days, PDF versions of the kit patterns will be available through her website. So keep checking there and on her blog for information, these are too cute to miss!

Now, my hardest decision will be which one to start with first? A pom-pom adorned ice skate, a warming cup of cocoa, or a Heidi-ish looking gingerbread girl? Please check out Alicia’s site if you have not before, it always brings a smile to my face when I do!

(All images used are copyright to Alicia Paulson, Posie Gets Cozy)