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Submarine Sandwich

Well, PES has done it again! I first mentioned them here a few years ago. I discovered him while searching for engaging stop motion animation clips to show some students. Boy, did I hit a home run with this guy!

His follow up to Western Spaghetti, was Fresh Guacamole, it is a super duper adorable, marvelous, and incredibly innovative piece of film making.

PES’ new film, Submarine Sandwich, is just as overwhelmingly astounding. They simply get more and more sophisticated with each film, yet it still retains it’s charm!

PES Films

I recently came across this highly amusing animation sight all created by PES. I have been given a few animation lessons from Mr. Michie. My first attempt was making a plastic ballerina cake topper dance. I did it the old fashioned way, by taking a series of pictures one by one as we slowly turned her in a dance and then loaded it into Adobe Premier to create my film.

I have also been lucky enough to get to work with the wonderfully kind and talented, Kim Noce on an animation project and learn a few lessons from her. I used a web-cam as my “camera”, on my small part of the project, which made the film making process a whole lot easier.  As that “film” can be loaded up as one piece, instead of the individual photos. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time it took to create these videos. They are wonderfully sweet and brought a smile to my face, I hope they bring one to yours as well!

I think the addition of the Peeps makes it feel like Eastery fireworks!