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A Surprise!

I walked to meet Mr. Michie on his way home from school yesterday evening. We were discussing how each of our day’s had gone, when he suddenly stopped in the middle of the street and told me to open up his backpack.

I reached into the peppermint stripe interior and felt a thick cardboard envelope. I pulled it out; slowly opened it and inside was a cookbook. Now, I have a bit of an obsession with cookbooks. I don’t cook from all of them; some I use for inspiration, some are vintage and were too good to pass up with the pictures they contained and some are like my bible, I’ve returned to them again and again.

In reading an article that Nigella Lawson wrote this weekend, he discovered Roast Chicken and Other Stories, by Simon Hopkinson and knew that although I would probably not make deep-fried calves’ brains, or roasted lambs’ kidneys; I would be enthralled with other recipes within the book.

He was absolutely correct! What’s even better than the recipes are Hopkinson’s notes and stories that accompany a chapter or recipe. I’m already working on our weekend menu and I think a recipe or two will definitely be featured out of this book.

I’m very a lucky girl to get surprises, especially when they are cookbooks!

Cooking With Nigella

Nigella Lawson Feast

Mr. Michie went back to work on Tuesday and I got to work too! I pulled out my Feast cookbook by Nigella Lawson and made a batch of dinner rolls. I made them slightly larger than her suggestion and after bathing them in an egg wash and sprinkling them with sesame seeds they were ready for the oven.

Jennifer Michie Nigella Rolls

We used these as the base to build cheeseburger sliders! Perfection!

A Busy Night

Once I got home last night from the job that pays me with real money, I started my second job last night, the one I love, even though there is no money in it, my job at home. It was a busy night! We had to run to the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients for a cake I am making for Mr. Michie’s class. Friday is their cake day and this week the class is celebrating two birthdays, so he asked me if I would make Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Cake.

He loves this cake. I baked my 2 cakes last night, so tonight when I get in from work, I can make the icing and start to decorate it.

At the grocery store we were walking down the baking aisle and saw these:

I couldn’t believe it! We have been being very good lately, but decided to cheat a little and got a bag of these and a bag of chocolate chunk with pecan. I have never been able to get Pepperidge Farm cookies here, so this is a BIG DEAL! If they start selling the gingerbread men or the chocolate milano’s, I am in big trouble!!

I folded laundry, we had homemade tiropita for dinner and salad, they were delicious, just the right bite from the feta cheese! I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, baked the cakes, Mr. Michie had an online meeting and then I finally sat down to watch some TV and “Romancing the Stone”on. I love that movie! So, I sat there with my little Pepperidge Farm cookies wrapped in a blanket and was absolutely happy.