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Joining the Herd

primrosesGiGi & Foxy wanted to stay indoors yesterday and so, I decided to head out on my own. I took a lovely six mile stroll around the countryside and happened upon a field full of wild primroses.

So, I wandered in to have a little munch, they were so sweet and delicate, they tasted of sunshine and Spring.

I walked through the field, grazing as I went and then meandered down to the stream. I came across a small herd of cattle and decided to join them for awhile.

molly moo

We drank, chattered, rested by the stream and took in the beautiful day and the fresh country air. They even invited me back to their barn for a spot of tea. It was delightful.

Happy New Year!

Foxy New Year

We rang in the New Year with all the bells and whistles! GiGi made everyone party hats, we had balloons and music playing. We danced and stuffed ourselves with macaroons from Laduree and drank champagne. What a night!

Gigi and Foxy New Years


(All photos and props created and taken with the artistic help of my sister, she is one talented lady!)


Holiday Visitors

Molly Moo Holly

I have yet to introduce you formally to my friend, although I said I would do it a few months ago, but time has just slipped away from me. I have an entire story to write about her and how we met.

But, in the mean time, let me just say that we have a special guest visiting us this Christmas. Her name is Molly Moo and she has travelled all the way from Pennsylvania to stay with us! I hope we get some snow for her, since it looks like it will be a white Christmas for her family at home.

Happy Holidays!