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This was my calendar page for today:

Jennifer Michie Just Smile

How true this statement is! Smile! And don’t half ass it either! Smile with your whole heart! Even when you think the person across from you doesn’t deserve your radiant smile, smile at them all the same, for you will always keep them guessing!

Happy Tuesday!

The First Day Back

Jennifer Michie February 24

The first 4:45 wake-up in over a week! I don’t know what was worse, the fact that the alarm was going off or that I was lying there waiting for it to happen, watching the minutes slowly tick away.

It was cool here this morning and something happened in my week off, the sky has started to brighten earlier than before. One week ago it was still dark on my journey in, this morning the sky was ribboned with pale blues, blush pinks, violet purples, mangos and gold. Spring is coming!

It was a long day back, the first day always is. I stayed late, got caught in rush hour tube traffic. I was pushed, smushed and stomped on. I’m telling ya mean people are MEAN! I then had to walk home in the rain and got absolutely soaked through! Well it can only getter better from here, right? RIGHT!

P.S. This was my calendar page this morning, it made me smile! I hope it makes you smile too!


Jennifer Michie ME Christmas What?

I think I felt like this for about 5 minutes Saturday morning and then we took a deep breath, started to clean and got out the decorations!

It’s Friday the 13th!

Jennifer Michie Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th today and it is cold and rainy outside, so it fits the mood. Tonight I think we will have to watch a scary movie and eat some popcorn. Well only semi-scary, I don’t really watch horror movies, I am the boring one there, so, it might just be The Goonies!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Dancing in the Moolight

This was my calendar page today:

Jennifer Michie Dancing in the MoonlightIt made me smile. When we first started dating, Mr. Michie danced with me in the moonlight in the middle of a Charleston street and we have had many more moonlit dances since. I hope we keep dancing under the moonlight until we are old and grey.

Have a wonderful weekend. The heat wave is continuing, so we are going to do our best to stay cool and I think eating lots of ice cream will be the perfect antidote to all this sweltering weather!

Sunday Happiness

This was the page from my Mary Engelbreit calendar this morning:

Jennifer Michie ME Calendar

And this was breakfast, lemon cake for me and raspberry ripple for Mr. Michie:

Jennifer Michie Krispy Kreme 1 Jennifer Michie Krispy Kreme 2

One made me just as happy as the other!


Jennifer Michie June 27I could be this girl today, walking along the beach and picking up shells. I am so happy that today is Thursday, because that means tomorrow is Friday and then we have 2 whole days just to ourselves!

{image from my Mary Engelbreit calendar}