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HELLO, February

Hello, February. I don’t know how you got here so quickly? 

January had moments that felt like a whirlwind, as storms battered our island home. Yet at the same time, there were moments of stillness, punctuated by the glow of beautiful crisp morning sunrises. And we’re going to continue to welcome the changing light while savouring evenings still-made cozy by candlelight and cups of tea with honey and lemon.

We’re ready for birthdays, the Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day and the extra day you will gift us with this month on the 29th. We’re ready for the confetti shower of red, white and pink that you will sprinkle over us in this season of L-O-V-E!

We’re ready to spend those cold sunny mornings sitting on the beach, drinking coffee and watching the waves roll in. We’re ready to don our walking boots over the winter school break and head out on our adventures. 

We’re still holding out for the promise of snow and a day wrapped up under blankets, sipping hot chocolate while we watch the flakes gently fall. We’re still manifesting all the hygge. Candlelight, good music and french toast casserole drizzled with maple syrup for dinner are all still on the cards, even if spring is starting to knock on the door.

Welcome, February, we’re ready for you. 

{Rhonda Fleming, US actress, wearing a red sleeveless top while looking into a red hand-held mirror as she applies make-up in a studio portrait, against a light blue background, circa 1955. A red heart-shaped mark on her chin. | Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images | Pinned HERE}

HELLO, February

Hello, February. I’m not sure how you arrived so quickly? January has kept us busy beyond measure, so I somehow wasn’t expecting you quite yet, but we’re happy that you are here! And on this first day of your reign, you have ushered in with you the Lunar New Year. The Year of the Tiger. May it be a year that brings good fortune and luck to us all. 

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that you continue to bring chilly days and maybe, just maybe a snowy day. We’re ready for hot chocolates with marshmallows and whipped cream on slow Saturday afternoons while we watch old movies. We’re ready for more chances to catch our breath while lingering at the table when dinner is over listening to music. 

We’re ready for the celebration of L-O-V-E that you herald in this month and all the red, white and pink that colours our world with a rosy hue. We’re ready for pancakes for dinner on frosty nights and copious amounts of tea and the chance to be still and read. We’re ready to continue relishing in the season of winter when all is quiet at night and we can hear the foxes crying out under the stars. 

We’re ready for all that you have to offer. Welcome! 

{Lore Pemberton, The Quilter’s Cottage, Found HERE | Pinned HERE}

Year Of The Ox

Happy Lunar New Year!

May this year bring us all good fortune!🧧

About this pattern: “For this design, we took inspiration from the Eastern styles prevalent in the Aesthetic Movement, as referenced by the Geffrye Museum’s 1890 drawing room. Lucky Lantern features tasseled Chinese lanterns, decorated with pine, plum and bamboo – known as Suihan Sanyou, or the Three Friends of Winter. These three symbols – 松竹梅 (sōng zhú méi) – are revered in Eastern culture, as they flourish in cold weather, and therefore symbolise strength in adversity.” – Mini Moderns

{Image: “Lucky Lantern” pattern in Harvest Orange found via Mini Moderns // Pinned HERE}