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HELLO, August

Hello, August. We’re ready for those lazy, hazy days of summer to come into full effect. Now that school has wound down for the year and almost all the school related jobs have been ticked off the list, we’re ready to just be, to take the days as they come. 

We’re ready for early morning swims, when the world is still quiet and hopefully we’ll spot a seal or two paddling by. We’re ready to watch old episodes of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, while feasting on PB&J sandwiches and salty potato chips for lunch. 

We’re ready for long walks that end with an ice cream cone and we’re ready for quiet nights on the beach stargazing and listening to music while the waves roll in. 

We’re ready to be and live within the moment, to cherish the time together and to relish in this month, before our pace has to pick back up again in September. 

{Poolside, Janet Hill Studio | Found HERE}

HELLO, August

Hello, August. We’re waiting to see what you bring us. July ended with a bit of a nip to the air and we’re hoping that you bring warmer days and calmer waters our way, because we’re ready for early morning swims and hot coffee on the beach from our thermos.

We’re ready for bowls of fresh watermelon for lunch and early morning walks up to the nature reserve when the world is quiet. We’re ready for days spent reading our books and finishing our jigsaw puzzle and drinking sweet tea and feasting on sugar cookies as an afternoon snack as the breeze blows through the windows. 

We’re ready to stay up late watching old movies and playing scrabble. We’re ready to eat our weight in fresh corn on the cob from the green grocers and cheeseburgers loaded with slices of heirloom tomatoes and to gobble up fruit cobblers with a heaping scoop of homemade ice cream on top. 

But, mostly we’re ready for a chance to catch our breath and to just be. 

{Sand Shark Bar, Janet Hill Studio}

HELLO, July!

Well, hello July! We’re ready for school to finish for the summer this month and to have a chance to catch our breath. We’re ready to keep our 70s music groove rolling as we dance in the kitchen with evening closing in. We’re ready for more sunny days and early morning walks when the rest of the world is still sleeping.

We’re ready for afternoons spent on the couch with the windows open wide, letting the ocean breeze drift in and a good book in hand. We’re ready for more dinners by candlelight, setting up the projector to watch old movies and have our annual Christmas in July party. We’re ready for chances to go hiking nearby and cooling off in the water on hot summer days.

We’re ready to feast on ham sandwiches with heirloom tomatoes on homemade bread for lunch time with glasses of sweet tea by our side. We’re ready for ice cream for dinner and the taste of salt air on our lips. We’re ready for summer and the freedom it promises to bring.

{Julie Blues Marvelous New Swim Cap, Janet Hill Studio // Pinned HERE}

HELLO & Goodbye, August!

The month has gotten away from me! We’ve been too busy feasting on heirloom tomatoes, sandwiched between homemade bread with salty potato chips on the side. We’ve baked pies and ate our weight in summer cherries and vanilla ice cream. We’ve hiked and planted flowers in new flower pots and danced around the house to whatever was playing and generally let the day steer our direction. We’ve been soaking up the sun and just enjoying the art of being before school begins anew. But, I’ll be back soon with lots to share.

{Image Janet Hill, Julie’s Marvelous New Swim Cap // Pinned HERE}