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The Disappearance of Individuality

I read an article this morning written by the ever humorous, Josh Gad. In it he discusses taking his daughter trick-or-treating and the lack of originality in the costumes of today. Now, I am sure that this does not apply to everyone out there, there are plenty of us still left with imaginations!

However, I understood everything he was saying. We are living in a superficial world, filled with hipsters and people who have become famous for simply being on a reality TV show. Mostly they have become famous for acting like complete asses, yet the majority of the population wants to emulate their behaviour.

It truly annoys me when there is something I have been doing for a good majority of my life and it suddenly becomes the “in vogue” thing to do. Or, people who are regurgitating craft projects out of 1970’s issues of Women’s Day and the rest of the blogging/magazine/book world is eating it up, like these people are so creative and originative!

I was raised in an innovative household and our costumes were always unique. Now, I’m not saying that there wasn’t the occasional witches hat bought, but my mom made the majority of our costumes. There are some costumes that stand out more than others, like the year I decided to be St. Lucia, just like Kirsten Larson, my American Girl Doll.

Kirsten American Girl Doll

My sister and I were both altar servers at the church and so I borrowed a white altar server robe for Halloween. My mom tied a big red satin ribbon around my waist, braided my hair in two long strips and pinned them up in loops with more red satin ribbon and she stuck our advent wreath with battery operated candles on top of my head. My neighbour who was Swedish, loved this costume, I will never forget seeing his face when we came to the door, he was truly tickled. If we dreamt it, my parents would help us make it.

I’m not saying that all store bought costumes are evil. Maybe you just have to be Spiderman, or life wouldn’t be worth living if you couldn’t where your Supergirl cape and red boots and thats okay. But, we should be striving to raise individuals instead of children who follow the masses. We should be striving to raise children who know who they are.

Josh’s article taken from USA Today, is below:

Josh Gad vs. Captain America: One parent’s horror

Josh Gad Column PhotoI took my daughter trick-or-treating on Halloween, or “All Hallow’s Eve,” or “an introduction to diabetes.” I dressed her up as Doc Brown fromBack to the Future and accompanied her as Marty McFly in head-to-toe denim paired with the mandatory orange puffy vest, which surprisingly is readily available at every major retailer. I also taught her a Pavlovian response for when residents opened their doors: “Great Scott!”

Feeling enormous pride in my 2-year-old’s bold costume choice, we ventured out into the Los Angeles fog and rang the first doorbell. A young woman and her two little boys wearing matching Captain America outfits looked at my daughter in confusion. “I don’t get it,” one Captain said to the other. “She’s Bruce Banner,” the other said. Patting the children on the head, the mom said, “She’s a doctor, like Dr. Izzy. That’s our pediatrician.” I wanted to grab the mother by her Prada leg warmers and say: “My daughter is not dressed as your darned pediatrician. She’s Doc Brown. The same Doctor Emmett Brown who sent McFly back to 1955 on Oct. 26th, 1985.”

But before I could get the words out, 10 kids dressed up as Marvel characters (two Thors, three Iron Mans, four Hulks, and one Samuel L. Jackson’s eye-patch character) all showed up to much fanfare. As I left the McMansion, I looked around and found myself in Biff Tannen’s alternate 1985. In this bizarro world of Halloween, everyone was either a Disney princess, a Marvel superhero or one of the homicidal children from The Hunger Games. I couldn’t believe it. What happened to originality?

When I was a child, my mother dressed me as King David from the Old Testament. I literally had a 2,000-year head start on any other kid in the neighborhood. My brothers dressed as Ferris Bueller and Ronald Reagan. Granted, that was the ’80s, a simpler time. But by 6 years old, if I had seen someone else wearing the same costume, I would have had a conniption and demanded to go home and start from scratch. Now, we have two boys in the same house both dressed as Captain America? At least make one of the boys the Winter Soldier! Let them fight it out on the doorstep, and whoever wins gets the large Reese’s double-chocolate-cream-filled, Katniss Everdeen-shaped candy bar.

But upon further reflection, as two people passed by my denim-on-denim outfit and said, “Oh, he’s dressed up as a dad having a midlife crisis,” it occurred to me. It’s not just our costume choices. It’s the way we live our lives. Uniformity has become the cool thing. We all have the same phones. We all dress the same way. We all made cronuts a thing even though we knew we were engineering something God never intended.

It has become unpopular not to agree or do that which is popular. Perhaps it is the advent of social media, which allows everyone to weigh in on a subject in 2.5 seconds. Or perhaps we have reached a tipping point where our relationship with the media has defined our culture because of its overwhelming presence in our lives. IfThe Karate Kid’s Ralph Macchio went to a Halloween party today, would he be too weary to do something as drastic as dress up as a shower curtain? For that matter, would the Cobra Kai do something as uncool as dress up as skeletons? Probably not. Ralph would be dressed up as Taylor Lautner in Twilight, and he’d have his butt kicked by a group of guys all dressed up as Robert Pattinson.

I think the path is clear. In order to reclaim our uniqueness, we must first reclaim Halloween, that night when we all illustrate how original we can be. So next year, when you’re looking at that princess outfit for your daughter, push it off to the side, pull out some old rags, a waistcoat and some trousers, and dress her up as Susan B. Anthony. She’ll hate you for the foreseeable future, but one day she’ll look back and say, “Now that was a cool costume.” After all, everyone knows Susan B. Anthony could kick Iron Man’s butt.

All Hallow’s Eve

Last night we feasted on Butternut Squash Chili and fresh cornbread and ate Halloween cupcakes for dessert. All while watching Hocus Pocus and listening to the rain pour down! It was the perfect Halloween evening.

Jennifer Michie Halloween 2013

{The Chili recipe is from the lovely Jenny Steffens Hobick. We made it last year and just can’t stop making it! We have made a few changes to suit our tastes, it is a wonderful and easy recipe to make!}


Spooky Fun

It was very brisk outside today. We ran errands and had a cup of coffee. I love when we are off together and can just be in each other’s company. I am so excited that tomorrow is Halloween! We are making chili with butternut squash and a batch of cornbread, we have a whole Halloween line-up of movies to watch and we are baking some Halloween cupcakes to share with our neighbours.

In the spirit of Halloween fun I thought I would share this. I think this has to be one of the funniest Saturday Night Live Holidays skits ever. Enjoy!

Trick-or-Treat Pins

I’ve been busy pinning some Halloween tricks, treats and ideas onto my Halloween Pinterest Page so come on over and join me there:

Jennifer Michie Halloween Pins 2013 1

1. Halloween Pumpkin Punch from Honestly Yum
2. Witch Cupcakes from Country Living
3. Spider Cupcakes from Bakerella
4. Oreo Milkshake from My Baking Addiction
5. Hi-Hat Brownies from Dieters Downfall

Jennifer Michie Halloween Pins 2013 2

1. Halloween Candy dishes from Martha Stewart
2. Papier Mache Puppets from Mermag
3. Bubblegum Necklaces from A Pretty Cool Life
4. Halloween Noisemakers from Martha Stewart
5. Candy Corn from The Purl Bee

Jennifer Michie Halloween Pins 2013 3

1. Witches by Phoebe Wahl
2. Charlie Brown Poster Tumblr
3. Star Wars 
4. Halloween Entertaining from Country Living
5. Frankenstein and his Bride

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A Halloween Double Feature

We had so much fun last night! We cut up veggies for a snack platter and made a fresh goat cheese dip to go alongside it. I saw an idea on Martha Stewart ages ago, about making Halloween cheeseburgers, so that is what we did last night, they were very cute and very tasty!

We even ate Halloween carrot cake! I laid everything out and Mr. Michie set up the projector and the screen. The first on the bill of our double feature was Hocus Pocus. I have always loved this movie, you just can’t go wrong with it!

Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy make excellent witches!

After a little intermission where we made cups of tea and sliced a piece of cake each, we watched our more “adult” feature, Fright Night.

I love the wonderful cheesiness of this movie, the formula it follows, I am not a horror movie watcher, but I can watch this, it is more funny then anything else and has just the right amount of “spook” factor for me.

The 80’s music is perfect. I am not embarrassed to say that after Mr. Michie made me watch this ages ago, I downloaded the soundtrack, you just can’t beat a good bit of 80’s music nostalgia!

 I love that once bitten, your hair seems to miraculously not only change color but also grow! In the end, the boy saves the girl, they kiss and we are left with his friend Evil, now turned vampire, laughing demonically, just in case they wanted to make a Fright Night 2….

It was cold here last night, the rain and wind poured down in sheets through most of the evening and into the early hours of the morning. It is our taste of Hurricane Sandy.

The rain has stopped for the moment today, but the skies are silvery gray, as I look out the window across the street I can see the bare branches of the trees waving furiously as if they alone are beckoning in the first of the month.

Today is a day to bundle up, drink copious amounts of tea and read a good book and I think I am going to do just that!

Trick or Treat

Today is one of my favorite days of all, Halloween! Our house is filled with pumpkins, candles are lit, treats are ready and snacks are in the fridge. Tonight we will feast on Halloween Hamburgers, veggies and a homemade goat cheese dip, a little Halloween carrot cake and a double feature on the old movie screen.

We never got to watch Hocus Pocus last night, so tonight that is first on the bill of our double feature and then onto the old version of Fright Night. Mr. Michie made me watch it the other year, I still find it a bit hard to see Prince Humperdinck as a vampire, but there you go.

We are having so much fun watching these old movies, it might continue in to tomorrow, there is still Young Frankenstein and The Monster Squad to watch too…

Happy Halloween all you goblins, witches, wizards and black cats, may your trick-or-treating endeavors bring you many many treats!

(retro trick-or-treaters image found here)

The Great Pumpkin

It is that time of year again and Halloween wouldn’t officially be Halloween for me, if I didn’t get to watch Charlie Brown. So last night, was a movie night in our household. The scene was set, the candles were lit and it was FUN!

Yesterday afternoon I made a big pot of chili, using a new recipe that I adapted a little. When the chili was almost ready, Mr. Michie went to work making his famous guacamole to go on top of it, while I set up the screen and projector.

I love this projector, it is old, it has an old smell to it, not displeasing, just old and slightly musty, it is from the early 60’s, I feel like I am in my own little episode of Mad Men, when we set it up to watch something on it.

We popped a few beers, plunked down on the couch and watched. It was wonderful, as always, you just can’t go wrong with Charlie Brown. We left the screen up last night, I am planning on watching Hocus Pocus this evening, with a steaming cup of apple cider and a bowl of fresh popped popcorn.

(Poster image found here)


My Sunday afternoon grocery store surprise today was a gingerbread bat cookie mask. It was adorable, sparkly and delicious!

I held it up to my face and peered through the wings and then went in search of Mr. Michie, who laughed when he saw me.

I think another one might just jump into my hands this week, if I need to pick something up from the grocery store. It was the perfect treat and would taste wonderful alongside a steaming cup of hot apple cider!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, wherever you are!

Featured On: CharHadas

Well, a funny thing happened yesterday. Being the nerd that I am, I occasionally look to see where I am getting web traffic from. I find it amazing that someone in China, is reading my blog, or in Peru or even in a little town in Colorado, or Indiana, or Virginia! In all its vastness the world is truly a small place.

I noticed that I got a lot of hits from CharHadas. So, I clicked on it. The link took me to a post that they had written about little old me and a Halloween post I wrote last year.

Now, I must pause here to say that the image, was never mine to begin with, as I had found it on Love, Luck, Kisses & Cake. However, I was just absolutely tickled pink to see myself featured on a popular Spanish site.

It has been a very long week, I feel that I have been at work since last Wednesday, as the few hours I was home Sunday after we got back from Madrid, don’t count before I had to go back to work Monday morning, seeing this just made me smile. It was pretty cool. So, thank you CharHadas for featuring me.

My original post is featured below and the link to the CharHadas article is HERE.

Friday, 28 October 2011
Halloween Round-Up

I have been doing a little Halloween reconnaissance today and came across some cute ideas, old and new that I thought I would share with you!

Glittering pumpkins are always beautiful, not just for Halloween, they can carry you through the fall season and adorn your Thanksgiving table, I found these on the beautiful Livy’s blog:

This Candy Corn Mousse, is festively colorful and perfect for a grown-up Halloween get-together with its cheesecake base:

Leave it to Martha to come up with a cute idea for orange balloons! This is a nice thing for little people to have something to take home at the end of your Halloween party. You could even tie a little bag of candy to the bottom, so their pumpkin doesn’t float away:

I love making bark and this Halloween Candy Bark version looks hauntingly delicious:

Bring something home from the Three Broomsticks to your Halloween festivities and make a batch of Butterbeer for all your little witches and wizards:

Use different colored candy melts and your imagination to create spooky Halloween inspired chocolate dipped strawberries:

Hope you found a few bewitching ideas that take your fancy…

(Images courtesy of their respective blogs)