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Cherry Picking

Goose Girl decided she would join me on my run this morning. But, I lost her as soon as we crossed the footbridge. Once she saw the cherry trees on the other side, dripping with ruby droplets of sweetness, her eyes glazed and that was that.

I finished my run while she stayed to pick the cherries. Her apron was full by the time I swung back that way. She said she’s going to make a cherry pie for Foxy, but she couldn’t decide how elaborate to make her crust? Just a simple top crust with an “X” in the middle, or lattice work, or a top crust decorated with pastry leaves, flowers and cherries, or just to make a crumble topping, or…

Whatever she decides to do, I know Foxy will be very happy.

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Yesterday we left our little farm cottage and headed home, back to our own cottage. I grabbed my camera from the kitchen table, while Foxy was finishing his packing, as I wanted to take a few more photos before we had to catch our train.

So, goodbye to the morning mist across the fields, that dampened my face as I spread our leftover pieces of toast onto the bird table in the morning. Goodbye, to my little moo cow painting that greeted me while I had my tea and goodbye to the teddy bear face hidden in the beam, that smiled at me while I sat in front of the fire:

The Teddy Bear Beam

Goodbye Mr. Bumblebee, I will miss your buzz, buzz, buzzing in the herb garden while I go about my day:

Mr Bumblebee

Goodbye my evergreens, I can’t wait to come back so I can collect your miniature pine cones to decorate my own little cottage with:


Goodbye Spring blossoms and Mr. & Mrs. Robin, who sung so sweetly to me in the light of dawn and as the light faded into dusk:

Mr. and Mrs. Robin

Until we meet again, goodbye little cottage in the countryside, I shall miss you!

A Walk in the Country

image (2)The rain that was pouring when we arrived subsided early in the morning and we got to spend our first real day in nothing but sunshine! It was still very windy, it made my fur ruffle, but it was lovely nonetheless!

We got up yesterday morning and Gigi went to work making everyone breakfast from the breakfast basket in the cottage. We had fresh local bread and bacon with scrambled eggs, it was heavenly.

After breakfast we got ready, put on our wellies and headed out. I wanted to do one of my favorite walks. It is the long way round to the pub, but on the way, you pass fields you can cut through, an adorable village hall, a charming stream, an old church that has been there since medieval times and lots of farms and fairytale-sque cottages.

village hallWellies on and bundled up, we headed out across the fields with the mud sticking to our boots, we soon washed that off in a huge puddle and headed for the hall. It was just as I had remembered it from the Summer. Quaint. From there is was down the stream and across the fields to walk the tree lined avenue up to the church.

It was still decorated for Easter with brownware pottery vases that hung off the pews filled with wild flowers and daffodils! I sat down by my favorite stained glass window in there and in the cool of the church and the silence, I just reflected.

stained glassWe moved on after that heading back down the avenue but this time walking under the old gatehouse and came across a field with a big fat pheasant in there, who just studied us, while we gazed at him.

Next through the storybook village, where people sell their fresh jam, eggs and vegetables from their doorsteps and then on to the pub.

After such a long walk, I was ready for a pint! It is a local pub with a good micro brewery attached and I was more than ready for my favorite ale from them, however, “Lovely’s Fair” was not in season, so we tried a pint of “Stella”, a single hop pale ale that had a little bite at the end, but went wonderfully with my sausage and mash. Our bellies were full, my whiskers were covered in gravy, so Gigi helped me clean them.

image (4)

image (1)

We headed out to go home and cut by one of the big farms, their paddocks full of new mamas and baby lambs, all running around soft and fuzzy looking. Their little lambikin ears sticking out and raising up as we spoke to them, adorable! We took the long way home to enjoy a bit more of the countryside views.

image (3)

We spent the evening, listening to music, dancing around and staying cozy by our little fire. We all went to bed deliciously happy as our lungs were filled with country air, our bellies filled with good food and our hearts filled with the love of life and good company!

Gnome by the Fire

A Hot Cup of Chocolate

Last night, we arrived at our little cottage in Sudbury and it was bitterly cold. The rain whipped all around the house and the wind shook the windows. While Foxy went to collect a bucket of coal and some logs to start a fire with, I worked on making everyone a hot cup of chocolate.

We all sat by the fire, drank our hot chocolate, ate popcorn and played scrabble. Foxy won, but only by a whisker!

Today, the rain has gone, the sky is clear, the sun is beaming down on us, the chickens are running around outside and we are going out to see what adventures we can get up to next!

Rose Hot Chocolate

It was delicious!

Easter Time Rag

Goose Girl and I worked very hard this year getting the farm ready for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

We hid eggs filled with candy surprises all over the farm with a giant gold foil wrapped bunny hidden in a very secret hiding place for one lucky person to find.

The winner of that prize was Molly Moo, she found it just where I had nestled it, in a tree hollow that was slightly covered by daffodils. If she hadn’t had stopped to munch on the daffodils she would not have seen the gold wrapper shimmering at her.

Molly Moo Easter 2012

We had so much fun, a huge turnout, more than we expected! We almost ran out of the sugar cookies Goose Girl made. She cut them into chicks and bunny and egg shapes and decorated them with pastel colored icing and sprinkles, they were very festive!

She laid them out onto platters that rested on tables covered with gingham fabric and decorated with mason jars of spring flowers and giant pitchers of fresh lemonade. That way all the adventurous Easter egg hunters had something to snack on and quench their thirst with after they had worked so hard filling their Easter baskets.

I decided I would make a mini film about some of the Easter preparations that we got up to. This was my first attempt at making a film, it is a little rough here and there, but I am pretty proud of it! We hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Easter!

Easter Time Rag from Jennifer Michie on Vimeo.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

gigi and foxy st pats 2012 
Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers.
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours.
Shamrocks at your doorway 
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
    Each day your whole life through!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day my friends! Goose Girl is busy in the kitchen making Irish Soda Bread. She is following her Nana’s recipe, but making a special loaf without raisins just for me!

The rain is falling softly while I work in the study, it is making everything look greener today, soon it will be time to plant flowers without the worry of frost.

Tonight I shall take Gigi out for dinner and a little dancing at a favorite Irish pub of ours. I have bought a new green bow tie just for the occasion.

I am off now to see how far Gigi hasn’t gotten, I just might be able to nip a bite off of a warm loaf of bread and curl up on my coach with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Ta ra!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

GiGi & Foxy VDay 2012Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day today!

Foxy and I are going in to London. He is taking me to an Art exhibition, down to Marylebone High Street to do a little shopping and then out to dinner.

We haven’t decided where we want eat yet. One of our favorite places is a great hole in the wall diner, that serves the most marvelous hamburgers, but Foxy has mentioned that he might possibly want to go to a Chinese restaurant we love in Soho.

However, the sauce on the noodles always sticks to his whiskers and since he will have on his best bow tie for our evening out, he might not want to get messy, but we shall see…

Happy New Year!

Foxy New Year

We rang in the New Year with all the bells and whistles! GiGi made everyone party hats, we had balloons and music playing. We danced and stuffed ourselves with macaroons from Laduree and drank champagne. What a night!

Gigi and Foxy New Years


(All photos and props created and taken with the artistic help of my sister, she is one talented lady!)