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Wallpaper Backgrounds for the New Year

I like looking at something interesting when I stare at my computer’s desktop wallpaper, trying to remember what folder I am looking for. I won’t say it is strictly a “girl thing” to desire something that is pleasing to the eye, because I have known Mr. Michie to go for a certain overall “look” on his Macbook as well.

Sometimes it is just a picture I like, sometimes I make my own background, other times a wallpaper created by a favorite artist, but more often than not lately, it is a calendar created by Christiane Engel of Desert Friends:

In case you were looking to freshen up your desktop wallpaper for the new year, I thought I would share some of my favorite choices at the moment with you (the first image also happens to be the cover of a Bon Iver album, which makes me like this picture even more):

Click on the images to be taken to a download link, all images copyright to their respective blogs.

St. Patrick’s Day Freebie

I come from a long line of inventive and artistic women. My Mom was always designing little things for us; drawing pictures on our lunch bags or on our love notes, especially if there was a holiday around the corner!

It is something that I have inherited from her. I love to doodle, to draw, to make things beautiful! I decorate for every holiday, just like she does! So, it was no surprise to me, as I was looking for my St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun to put out that an idea popped into my head. I decided I would create a little something to put on my table.

I went through my collection of images, looking for one file in particular and when I spotted it, I knew just what I wanted to do with it. I would create place cards for my festively green St. Patty’s Day table.

I was so happy with how they turned out, I thought I would do something I’ve never done before: I would create a PDF file so that you can make them too!

I hope you enjoy making and using them as much as I have? If all goes well, a few more freebies might be springing up here and there.

To download your St. Patrick’s Day Freebie click here.

A Little Frosting

What could be better than real frosting piped high on a cupcake or swirled around the edges of your Nana’s famous Marble Cake?

I think the next best thing could be this adorable set of frosting brushes from the lovely Sugar & Meringue! These would be perfect to decorate homemade labels for the Christmas cookies or other sweet treats you might be giving away to friends and family. Enjoy!

(Click on the image to go to her site, where you can download this set. Tag used in first image is a Pugly Pixel Freebie)