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I’m longing for quiet lately. I was shopping for a birthday card for a friend last week and found the perfect card for my Nana. It was dirty, which she would have loved. She had a wicked sense of humour. I wandered around the store and was about to purchase my items when I realised, I can’t send her a card. I just stood there like an idiot for a moment before going to put the card back. I still can’t believe that she no longer exists within my world. We shared a lot with each other, but I still had so much more to learn and to experience through her eyes.

On my daily run, I always make a beeline for the woodland paths. I slow down to a walk there and watch the muntjacs (if I’m lucky to see them), or check on the baby coots and ducklings in the pond. One little muntjac in particular and I are slowly becoming friends. He occasionally watches me do yoga or peers out from the trees across the path, when I’m doing push-ups using the back of a park bench. He seems to seek me out. I find peace in watching him. I find peace in listening to the birds and watching the sun shine through the fern leaves. One of the many side paths has ferns that are taller than me. When the sun shines through them it is like being in a chapel made entirely of emerald green stained glass.

The moment I leave the woods the traffic rushes by, people push past you and there is just so much noise coming from every direction. I don’t want noise for a little while. I want to sit in a chair with my toes in the sand. I want to do my morning run along the beach, barefoot as the sun rises. I want to collect seashells, rinsing them off in the ocean before leaving them to dry on the porch railing. I want to make s’mores over a fire and slowly lick off the marshmallow goo from my lips.

I want to eat when I feel like eating, only see people if I want to, only talk to people if I want to. I want to take naps on a screened-in porch listening to the waves as I drift off. I don’t want to answer questions, or do laundry, or clean a house. I don’t want to hear noise other than the ocean beating against the shore one rolling wave at a time. Just for a little while, I just crave the delicious sound of silence.

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“Ooookay! So Long, Doll!”

There is much more to a person than their outer shell. Soul mates come in many forms. Sometimes in that of a lover, other times in the heart of a kindred spirit. She held me not long after I was born and told my mother exactly what my personality would be. From the moment her hands lifted me up and she held me in her arms we were and will always be intertwined.

She grew up in New York. Living in the city before heading out to live by the bay. She was an amazing swimmer. She had a little boat that she used to take out in the harbour and would go fishing. Along with her catch, she would “borrow” a few vegetables from a neighbours garden and make a little fish stew for herself on the banks.

She once safely stowed her books away, with the gentleman who ran the candy store, so she could skip school and go see Frank Sinatra croon. She had quite the voice herself and used to sing at her Uncle’s cabaret with his band as a young teen. She was a baseball player. Like Geena Davis in A League of Their Own, she was a pitcher. That’s how my grandpa first met her. He was smitten! Her? Not so much. But he wore away at her and she would later elope with him.

I’ve seen the New York census from the year they were married, it has them listed each living with their families at different residences. What the census didn’t know is that they had already secretly married in Virginia and it was only much later when she became pregnant that they told their families. That was the first of eight babies they would have together. They absolutely adored children and that was something that never left her.

My grandfather fought in WWII and she stayed to fight on the home front. She was an empowered woman before it even became a thing to be one. She was a Rosie the Riveter. I have a copy of an old photograph of her that was taken for a promotional shoot, she looks like a doll with her little cap on. She was an incredible artist, her drawings and pottery beautifully sculpted. She was also an amazing seamstress.

She taught me how to go crabbin’ at the beach. I caught a baby alligator my first time out the gate, but by the time we were ready to leave we had a basketful of crabs for dinner.

She kept her aluminium pie tins for me and I spent hours in her backyard making mud pies, that I decorated with acorns and berries from her yard. Once I was totally filthy, she would call me inside and bath me in her avocado green kitchen sink.

That was the same sink where we washed baby doll clothes and she made a drying line with some twine hung between two of her dining room chairs standing back to back, for me to pin them on.

At one point she had a little orange pinto and we used to shoot through the streets with our sunglasses on, laughing and listening to music. She was a smoker for a short while of my childhood, and I would “smoke” with her at the kitchen table. She would pretend to light up one of my crayons. I held it between my fingers like she did, taking a “puff” as she did, while I coloured with the other hand. It was like hanging out with Betty Draper.

She had a wicked sense of humour, a wonderful laugh, an even better smile. Her hands were like butter. She was a woman of unwavering faith. Her eyes saw beauty in everything. She didn’t miss a trick. She and my grandfather continued their passionate love affair up until his death.

Like my other grandmother, she was a woman of rare breed. A lady through and through. She had a special “good luck” clap that she did when watching baseball, but it was also used when she watched,  Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right. She had a lot of -isms that we still say to each other all the time. And when you spoke with her on the phone, her way of saying goodbye was normally, “Ooookay, so long, doll!”. All said in a sing-song manner with a slight New York accent.

For 93 years she walked this earth. For a small part of that she was mine. We lost her this week and my heart has broken into a thousand pieces. I’ll eventually pick them up and put them back together, but there will forever be a missing piece.

Home on the Range

I’ve been absent for the past few days because I’ve been lost in the land of a red-headed curly haired cherub, tiny baby toes and two wagging lab tails and I couldn’t have been any happier. I even got to see the Wienermobile! What a treat! As we move into this weekend, I wish everyone a blessed Easter. Happy weekend! Long may it last!

A Spinner of Tales

I learned earlier this week that someone who had a great impact on my life, both personally and artistically, has passed away. We had been out of touch for a little while, yet I thought about him often.

R. was someone very special to me. I can’t quite get my head around the fact that he is dead. He was joyous, he was kind, he was funny. He was a gentle spirit.

R. was a fascinating man. He was a collector of things, like a little magpie. He was the guy you wanted to sit next to at dinner or at a cocktail party. He was a spinner of stories. He often shared the greatest tales: Growing up in Hong Kong, before being sent back to England for boarding school; school holidays spent on the Cornish coast with his aunt and uncle who looked after him; adventures in London through the 70s; and the many artists he worked with and the anecdotes he had of them were incredible.

He was always thinking, always seeing things with new eyes. He was a wonderful flute player. He was an avid reader and a superb gardener. We once traded a cutting from an aloe plant, of mine, for some marigold seeds from his sister’s garden in Denmark. He was a great builder of things. He was a pixie. His stories shall stay with me and it is now my turn to carry on spinning, weaving his tales so they are not forgotten.

I am so grateful for the time that I had with him and honoured that he let me see just a little bit of his world. For, he is someone I will never forget. I was lucky enough to call him my friend and I will dearly miss him.

Happy Thanksgiving!


When nothing else will work, I guess you pull out your saw! Hopefully you won’t have to do too much improvising today and it will all be smooth sailing.

Wishing everyone a Thanksgiving filled with blessings, laughter, good food and lots of love! xx

A Fall Walk


I’ve returned from the land of adorable children with sparkling blue eyes and babies who sweetly smell of milk and sleepiness.

It’s amazing how your heart just expands with love for this new person who has entered your world and I can’t imagine our family without her in it! I can’t wait to hold that bundle of love again. My sister and her husband make beautiful babies.

This morning, I walked out with Mr. Michie and went for a stroll. The sun was just starting to rise. It was cold. I could see my breath in clouds above me as I ran down the quiet streets. The golden leaves that had fallen were stuck to the wet black pavement. It was striking to see such rich colour against the coal black of the road.


By the time I made it to my woods the sun had risen. The woods were just mine for a few moments. The squirrels and birds were flittering around. The wind was blowing the tops of the trees as if they were dancing. The ground was wet and littered with golden, pumpkin orange and reddish tinted leaves.


My IPod shuffled to a Pat Metheny song and it was perfect. I captured a few photos and then my furry friends who I pass on my walks came bounding down the path to greet me. I get lots of licks along my walks and that makes me happy.

Now, I’m bundled up with a cup of tea. There is a dampness to the air today. It feels like fall. There is a beauty to England this time of year. The blush of colour on the trees stands out so starkly against the normally steely grey skies. It makes you long for scarves and hot chocolate and candles lit everywhere.

Pumpkin Weather


It feels like pumpkin weather. The mornings are cool and damp. There is a crispness to the air. I’ve been quiet here as of late, because I’m home staying with my sister and helping with the new baby. So I’ve been lost in the world of pumpkins and baby toes and baby smiles and that delicious new baby smell. Happiness is…


This morning after the school run we grabbed some breakfast and now a fresh loaf of bread is rising on the stove. We’re cozied up with cups of tea and all taking turns holding this little bundle of love.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you may be and know if you’re in the throws of Hurricane Matthew like we are, you are in my thoughts. xo

Happy Father’s Day

Jennifer Michie Dad and Bambi

As we moved into this weekend, I continued to be deeply saddened by recent events. But I believe that we must continue to strive forward; to look for the good in humanity; to look for the good in the ones closest to us. I reflected on the fact that this will be the first Father’s Day of my Father’s life, that he doesn’t have his own Dad to celebrate with. I am extremely blessed as I have not yet known the loss of a parent and I hope a million moons pass before I ever walk that path.

With everything horrible that is going on in the world today, I think it is easy to lose sight of what really matters. What is truly important is that we love and that we tell those that we love that we love them. I am fortunate to not only love, but to be loved in return. It is simple. Because my Dad exists, the world is a better place.

Not all parents are created equal. Some people don’t have parents to be proud of. But, I do! I want to shout it from the rooftops, that my Dad is mine and that I love him!

{P.S. See that little cutie in the front? That’s MY DAD!}

Playing in the Garden

Jennifer Michie Garden 1 Jennifer Michie Garden 2 Jennifer Michie Garden 3 Jennifer Michie Garden 4 Jennifer Michie Garden 5

It was cool on Tuesday and when evening came the heavens opened and it rained all night! We woke up yesterday to an emerald green world. My mom and I threw on shoes and went out to play in the garden in our pyjamas. Weeding, cleaning up and looking in amazement at all the beauty that seemed to spring forth from the dirt in a single night.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Jennifer Michie Mom in Charleston

That’s my mom in the above photo, in Charleston, South Carolina when she was a teenager. Isn’t she beautiful? She still has that same sweet face and gorgeous smile!

Happy Mother’s Day to grandmothers, mothers and sisters too! This year I am getting to celebrate Mother’s Day in a very special way, for the first time in a very, very, very long time, I am not only in the same country as my Mom, but I get to spend Mother’s Day with her!

She is not only my Mom, but a soulmate in life.

Happy Mother’s day, I love you!