Jennifer Michie Steak ShedMy family loves cool and unusual places. Last night, my parent’s took me to a very unique place. We went to Eddie’s Steak Shed. This place has A LOT of character. The sign is reminiscent of the 1960’s, with great  personality, the place you go to for a good steak and a liquor drink and if it was the 1960s a Mad Men cigarette, I could see Don Draper coming here!

Their road sign is graced with a blue bull, but it reminded me more of Paul Bunyan’s Ox and the size of the steaks reminded me of the “Old 96’er” that John Candy eats in The Great Outdoors. Between all of us last night we might have eaten a mini cow, but it was delicious!

So, if you are ever passing through Granger, Indiana, I would head toward the Shed, because it is an experience not to be missed.

P.S. I am winging my way back across the great pond today, so I might be radio silent for a few days while I get back into my England groove of things. I wish that my time here would just go on forever, because being with my family, makes me more than happy.