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Our Day

Yesterday we finished our major overhaul of the room we chose to attack during 1/2 term. There are still a few more things to sort though, and to be put back in their rightful place, but it feels so wonderful to be rid of anything we don’t need.

We recycled, donated, organized, made two bags of items to take to school that will live in the cupboard as still life objects, dusted, vacuumed, mopped and sat for a five minute break to catch our breaths.

We decided to have a big lunch yesterday since Mr. Michie had an online meeting last night. I made a fresh spinach and artichoke dip, with a couple of pieces of crusty bread and carrot and red pepper sticks to dip into it. It was wonderful.

We cheated and watched something while we ate, an episode of “Bunheads”. I will be sad when this show finishes for the season!

For dessert I had a chocolate chip cookie and it was actually smiling at me.

It reminded me of one of my all-time favorite “Bewitched” episodes, when Tabitha turns herself into an oatmeal raisin cookie and then smiles at her mom, with the raisins forming the smile, too cute! (It starts about 5 minutes in)

It must have been the day for things looking like other things to me, because I had a handful of popcorn last night and this piece looked like a little alien creature waving at me, I thought it looked cute and couldn’t eat it, but Mr. Michie grabbed it and ate it instead.

"Bewitching" Houses

I love Halloween and all that it conjures up. One of my favorite conjurings being: witches. I wouldn’t mind  being Samantha Stephens, I know I have said it before, but I’ll say it again, who wouldn’t want to wiggle their nose and have things happen? I want to wiggle my nose and have my house cleaned, dinner on the table and all the laundry done.

But, since I can’t do that, I thought I would settle for sharing with you some of my favorite witches’ houses. The first being non other than Samantha’s from “Bewitched”. I loved watching that show as a child and still watch it any time I catch an episode while flipping through the TV.

One of my most beloved episodes was when her daughter Tabitha turns herself into an oatmeal raisin cookie. Samantha, her mother Endora and her in-laws look all over for the “missing” Tabitha. Sam and her mother know that she has turned herself into something to hide, but they are not sure what. Sam only discovers what Tabitha has changed into when she looks at the plate of cookies sitting on her dining room table and one of them smiles back at her.

I loved their house on Morning Glory Circle and that is the first I will share with you. It is adorably 1960’s and the couch in their living room would fit in perfectly in an episode of “Mad Men”. My Nana had avocado colored appliances in her kitchen when I was growing up and still does. Her stove is adorably retro and something I would love to have, if I had a home of my own to put it in.

The second house is the “Bewitched” movie house. Although, I didn’t think the film truly did the show justice, the sets were stunning and I am enamored with the house they had Nicole Kidman live in. The kitchen was magical and I would be more than happy with that painted fireplace. The entire house just felt very open and airy, yet still cozy. It was all very enchanting.

Last, but not least, is a house where Nicole Kidman first played a witch with her “sister” Sandra Bullock, in “Practical Magic”. I adore the fact that they have a private staircase that comes down into their kitchen, that is a bit of a dream of mine, to have that one day in a home. This house seems to hold a true essence of magic and would fit right in, along any house in Salem.

What a bunch of bewitching houses for Halloween!

(All images from Hooked on Houses)

The Unseen Jobs

The “Unseen Jobs”, that is what my grandmother called all the little jobs we do as women, that no one else sees, such as cleaning out the kitchen drawers, washing all the utensils, wiping out the drawers and re-organizing everything when you are done.

No one will ever know you did this but you! But, that is what I am doing today, all the little unseen jobs to get our little cottage in order and ready for Summer. I wish I could wiggle my nose like Samantha from “Bewitched” and it would be done in a jiffy, but that isn’t going to happen. I am cleaning, scrubbing, sorting through my closets, the washing machine is whirring away and the air is heady with the scent of lemons.

So back to work for me, soaking up the therapy that cleaning seems to give me along with the sunshine pouring in through the windows and looking forward to finishing, so I can enjoy a slice of the chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing that I made yesterday and start on my little crochet project, because I haven’t managed to do that yet!

Hope you are having a wonderful first day of June wherever you are.

"Hello? Samantha?"

Samantha Nose Wiggle

Dee-dee-dee-dee-d, Dee-dee-dee-dee-d. Well, I am wiggling my nose,  but I guess I don’t have Samantha’s magic.

“Hello? Samantha? Are you there? Could you send a little magic my way, I am ready to wiggle my nose and have this order completed!”

I’m getting there, slowly and surely, in-between work, keeping up things around the house, so we are not swallowed up by “Mount Laundry”, and taking care of a sick husband, I am busy sewing away.

There is a basket of bears and bunnies at my feet, only a few more colors left to cut, embroider and piece together and then they will be on their way!