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Trick-or-Treat Pins

I’ve been busy pinning some Halloween tricks, treats and ideas onto my Halloween Pinterest Page so come on over and join me there:

Jennifer Michie Halloween Pins 2013 1

1. Halloween Pumpkin Punch from Honestly Yum
2. Witch Cupcakes from Country Living
3. Spider Cupcakes from Bakerella
4. Oreo Milkshake from My Baking Addiction
5. Hi-Hat Brownies from Dieters Downfall

Jennifer Michie Halloween Pins 2013 2

1. Halloween Candy dishes from Martha Stewart
2. Papier Mache Puppets from Mermag
3. Bubblegum Necklaces from A Pretty Cool Life
4. Halloween Noisemakers from Martha Stewart
5. Candy Corn from The Purl Bee

Jennifer Michie Halloween Pins 2013 3

1. Witches by Phoebe Wahl
2. Charlie Brown Poster Tumblr
3. Star Wars 
4. Halloween Entertaining from Country Living
5. Frankenstein and his Bride

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Easter Round-Up

There are still a few more days before the Easter Bunny comes to visit. If you are stuck for ideas, here are some things I have been pinning lately. Enjoy!

These Bunny Cake Pops are perfect for little and big hands alike to munch away on, while searching for eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden with their free hand:

Joy the Baker does it again, with these fabulous looking Hot Cross Bun Pancakes, a glorious Easter breakfast treat:

Hide little candy surprises in these Bunny Ear Bags, that you could tuck into a basket or use at a place setting for your Easter table:

Don’t have an Easter basket? Martha Stewart has created some beautiful crepe paper ones:

The Cake Blog shows you how to make a Speckled Egg Cake. Quite the centerpiece for your dessert table:

These Paper Flower Headbands are adorable and would look fetching on any gal, be she big or small:

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I’m Still Here!


I’m still here, I promise! I have just been very, very, very busy the past few days. I have visited with family.

I have gone out and about in London with a theatre buddy to see this:

and this:

Wasn’t so sure about Ghost, I will admit, but I walked away from it and would have turned right back around and sat through it all again, it was wonderful! The set design, the innovation, the special effects!

I have been on a date with Mr. Michie to one of our favorite little restaurants, where they had a great little jazz band playing. Their first song was, “Take the A Train”, from that point on, we knew it was going to be a good night!


I have also been dying to make these since I read Bakerella’s post:

But, alas, the weather in England has turned wintery again, it is raining and cold and then raining and muggy, not very nice! 

What A Weekend!

Oh what a weekend this has been! Mr. Michie took me to see “The Muppets”! I loved it, I have always loved them, I wasn’t sure how much of the original Muppet music they would use and I couldn’t believe when they sang, “The Rainbow Connection”! That is my favorite Muppet song!

Now, I want to make these from Bakerella and have a party:

I got ready for our date, by putting on a layer of “rainbow connection” glittery nail polish over my red nails that Mr. Michie treated me to getting done for Valentine’s Day. The glittery nail polish was courtesy of my Mom and I love it, I feel like I should be going out to a party with it on, it is just so FUN!

We went out to dinner after “The Muppets” to finish our date night and then spent the rest of weekend, resting, cleaning, writing, cooking, baking and munching on Valentine’s candy. We also drank plenty of tea and hot chocolate out of our Valentine’s Day surprises.

Mr. Michie took me to Emma Bridgewater and I bought him the “Red Fox” mug and he got me the “Pink Hearts” mug. My hot chocolate just tastes better out of it! Of course there are lots of snowmen shaped marshmallows skating on the top of my hot chocolate, again another surprise in my Valentine Care Package from my parents! HEAVEN!

I am teaching a 2 hour evening Photography Class at the moment on Pinhole Photography and dark room techniques. I am loving it! And my feedback from the 20 students who have signed up, is that they are LOVING it too! So, I am very pleased.

I got a head start for my next class and made just over 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes for them to munch on during our break, I will make my Nana’s chocolate coffee icing to frost them with when I get in from school, so they will be ready to go.

I was missing home and had a real hankering for Southern Cooking, so Sunday dinner was iced tea, fried chicken, rice and gravy, green beans, creamed corn and dinner rolls. I even made banana pudding for dessert. While dinner was cooking I did a little “pinning”:

and caught up with some e-mails. I have a few to reply to, you know who you are! I also caught up with my Google Reader and I wished that I was on this starry walk with the lovely Susan Branch, doesn’t it look romantic!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend too!

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P.S. This is my 500th Post! WOW! Thanks for sticking with me through all my ramblings!

Snow Milk

Well, I promise this will be my last Christmas related post, although I don’t think snowmen are particularly related to Christmas, they exist with the snow and that, depending where you live could happen in any month!

I saw these on Bakerella’s blog and I thought they were just the cutest idea! Don’t you know if you came down to breakfast and saw him sitting at your place you would be delighted! I would be!

However, I would have to be unconventional with mine and have a brown snowman; I prefer chocolate milk with my doughnut holes! These are just so sweet, it would take me awhile to eat them, I don’t think I could bear to touch them and ruin their adorableness!

To find out more about these “Milk Men” visit Bakerella’s blog.

(Image: Bakerella)